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  1. Bioshock Infinite feels like the early front runner for GOTY. Best companion in a long time in Elizabeth and generally a fun game with a developed story. Felt like it ended the trilogy wonderfully.
  2. A handful of MMO bosses are weird, either by terrible design or unforeseen challenges.Along similar lines, Absolute Virtue in Final Fantasy XI was unbeaten via legitimate means for nearly 3 years. There were a few wins via glitch exploits, but the only ones not involving glitches didn't come until after Square-Enix finally caved on modifying the boss significantly. One of the producers even came out and even said it was to be taken as an 18-hour boss encounter. Later they had another one called Pandemonium Warden which presented it's own ridiculous challenge. In the sense that the first guild
  3. Some good ones mentioned, especially Ninja Gaiden and Ghosts & Goblins (NES)or Super Ghosts & Goblins (SNES) Surprised I haven't seen BATTLETOADS on here. Silver Surfer on the (NES)(this game is absolutely terrible btw) Zombies ate my Neighbors (SNES) Chakan (Genesis) Both Batman NES games were tough Metalstorm (NES) on Professional Vectorman (Genesis) on any of the higher difficulties Driver (PS1), the final level, game goes from being eh to hard to WTF on the final level. Also a bunch of incredibly tough indie games released over the past few years. I Wanna Be The Guy &
  4. So to recap: Kaepernick gives up 9 pts, Delanie Walker drops a touchdown pass at the goal line that's right on his hands, David Akers blows a 50 yarder, offensive line holding wipes out multiple big plays and a wretched play call on the option right in front of the goal line and the takeaway is that Colin Kaepernick is entirely to blame.
  5. Great...so he is better than some really crappy QBs.BTW...Rodgers has a Super Bowl MVP. :)Nice try.Somebody posts wins without bringing up awards and he's the biased one?Do you dispute that he has 36 games won?
  6. I know it's not bad news so it'll probably be ignored like some of the other info I posted, but a CNN headline that isn't full of it.http://www.cnn.com/2011/WORLD/asiapcf/03/22/japan.nuclear.reactors/index.html?hpt=C2 Not a major breakthrough since obviously many of the systems are damaged, but it's good to see something good happening with the power supply.On a related note:China Syndrome on IMDBMOVIEmeter: Up 319% in popularity this week. See why on IMDbPro!
  7. http://xkcd.com/radiation/ You even have webcomics providing more accurate information than most major media sites. Yay internet. And if you actually care about specific information: http://www.nisa.meti.go.jp/english/ In other news, major media outlets back to Libya now that they can't scaremonger about Japan for the 400th day in a row. Shocking.
  8. JSDF choppers dumped water on the #3 and 4 buildings, water cannon trucks are at the plant. Spent fuel pool water temp in Reactors #5 and 6 has risen, but only by 4 degrees C in one and by about 20C in the other. Those buildings are totally intact, so once power is restored it should become a total non-issue, and even now it ranks very low on the priority list. Steam/smoke has stopped rising from #3 (at least to the extent it was previously) but there has been no new info about water levels. There are 180 people at the site now working on reactor control and debris removal.
  9. NHK-World English link: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/nhk-world-tv
  10. Yahoo also updated their headline just now.Workers return to stricken nuclear planthttp://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/wl_nm/us_japan_quake
  11. Here's what I've seen. Grain of salt and all that. A rough translated timeline from news updates. March 15th 00:41am: #2 reactor pressure and water levels as follows: Reactor pressure: 1.72MPa Reactor water level: Downscale 01:11am: #2 reactor vents presumed open: Reactor pressure: 1.44MPa -> 0.92MPa 02:07am: #2 reactor pressure as follows: Reactor Pressure: 0.63MPa 02:45am: #2 reactor pressure and water levels as follows: Reactor Pressure: 0.653MPa Reactor Water Level: Downscale 03:00am: At the #2 reactor, due to pressure in the d
  12. Unfortunately the livestream I was watching went out a few hours ago. Check around Ustream and sometimes you'll find a stream w/ a translator. For lack of that, this site has been relatively up-to-date compared to most places I've seen. http://www.thetokyopost.com/news-opinion/live-blog-general-updates-about-the-situation-in-japan/Note that it's mostly a collection of journalist posts and headlines, but the ones actually in Japan tend to be ahead of the curve. I've been seeing 'headline' information there long before it actually makes it to CNN & co.In an odd bit, SomethingAwful actually h
  13. Since there seems to be confusion and honestly there's been tons about this entire situation, here's a quick update. Workers were evacuated, but it was due to incorrect measurements being released, all the workers are back at the plant now. What happened was incorrect measurements at the gate forced an evacuation and then they were moved back in once it was felt safe to do so. A lot of Western media sites are anywhere from 2-6 hours behind on what's actually going on and your best bet for up-to-date info are from the live Japanese broadcasts being translated.
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