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  1. Holding 50,000 shares of DPLS with a cost of only $47.50. I should have sold yesterday at .10
  2. I'm back, but it doesn't look like I missed much. Work has been crazy, so haven't had time to follow my TD account. Some are still holding nicely, some (PLYZ, GTEH) are down big. I'm cleaning house and starting over. Holding DPLS and AAPL and the pennies I'm free rolling. Any new suggestions out there?
  3. I'm done looking at my portfolio today. No need to panic sell.
  4. I only put $500 in to this stock. I'm still down $350.
  5. I'm thinking of unloading the rest of my CBBT. I'm freerolling it right now, but it seems like .40 is the ceiling.
  6. @CaesarQOIL is at a 10 year high .0009. Why buy this one now?
  7. Part of my order filled and waiting for the rest to hit at .163 to get my original investment out. I'll free roll the rest and see what happens.
  8. I need a little more out of UNVC so I can take out my initial $2400 and free roll this too. 90% gain, waiting for 100.
  9. Most of these are a pure gamble, right?
  10. I need those KBLB spiders to start spinning gold thread
  11. About to do the same. 147,000 free roll, if 53,000 sell at .019 hits.
  12. I'm close to 100% gain. Once that happens I will free roll.
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