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  1. GBTC & AMAZON keeping me afloat.
  2. I totally agree. So many commercials. Many of them play 2-3 times per commercial break.
  3. Wait... everyone is going back in? I sold yesterday.
  4. I asked the same thing and the doc said metals can enter a kid’s body a number of ways. They can be passed on in-utero from mother to child and also through epidurals, vaccinations, seafood, heavy use of aluminum and a number of other environmental ways. We pretty much did all of the above so it’s unlikely we’ll ever know which the real cause was. The doctor also said his condition will not return unless his system is re-exposed to metals so that’s nice, but it keeps us being really careful from here out.
  5. Out of curiosity, have any of you had any experiences with metals and mercury poisoning? A few years ago my son was diagnosed with a really bad case of OCD. Kaiser would only say it's incurable. They could only offer him a kids form of Prozac and a lifetime of therapy to deal with it. We weren't ready to go that route so instead we went on a tour of alternative doctors with little success until we found one that blamed my son's issues on metals and mercury in his system. His method of ridding the body of said metals was through a chelation process. Long story short, within 6 mo
  6. As a Democrat I’m 50/50 on this Senate win. Part of me is interested to see the moderate Dems have to go at it with the bat-#### crazy far left Dems.
  7. I'm in the same boat. Somehow made it to the Super Bowl without my 1st 2 picks, CMC & OBJ. Would be nice to have CMC back to face the guy with Derrick Henry and Pat Mahomes.
  8. Not trying to go all Pollyanna, but when I listen to the interview, it more sounds like Rhule is just saying McCaffrey will test it out this week and we’ll see how that goes. Doesn’t want to inflate expectations. I’d say CMC is more likely to be ruled out this week, but him playing isn’t out of the question.
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