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  1. As a Democrat I’m 50/50 on this Senate win. Part of me is interested to see the moderate Dems have to go at it with the bat-#### crazy far left Dems.
  2. I'm in the same boat. Somehow made it to the Super Bowl without my 1st 2 picks, CMC & OBJ. Would be nice to have CMC back to face the guy with Derrick Henry and Pat Mahomes.
  3. Not trying to go all Pollyanna, but when I listen to the interview, it more sounds like Rhule is just saying McCaffrey will test it out this week and we’ll see how that goes. Doesn’t want to inflate expectations. I’d say CMC is more likely to be ruled out this week, but him playing isn’t out of the question.
  4. Has anyone else been playing Ghost of Tsushima? It’s easily the best game I’ve played on recent gen consoles (PS4/XB1). After beating the campaign, I’m on to Legends Online with a Healing Ronin and it’s so hard to put the game down. Let me know if there is an FBG group doing Nightmare runs. I’d be in.
  5. They’re trying to be like Deebo Samuel and SF. The Rams and Steelers run that play effectively too.
  6. Hey, just holla if yever need 'nother Corn Bump.

  7. When & where?

  8. 5*'s, that's right, count'em, 5.

  9. I drank FD&S's load last weekend.

  10. Blouses.

  11. One

    Only if he's gentle.

  12. Not yet. He's playing way too hard to get.

  13. Let's plan our 1st Sacramento Cornhole.

  14. Hi Sacramento Bob.

  15. Thanks Jeff, I really appreciate your input.

  16. bentley,

    GREAT to see your baby boy hangin' out and doing well.


  17. Always full of great info. Thanks Andy.

  18. One

    HK is as good as it gets, if not BETTER!

  19. Geez Goons, that just now was not 5 star posting.

  20. Yer gud at wimmen.


  21. Awesome avy & screen name!

    5 Stars!

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