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  1. Not fun having both. I'd love to hear what Dallas coaching staff is saying behind closed doors right now. Pollard RIPS every time he has the ball. Which makes me question ...would he also rip if he became the workhorse week in and week out? He might be optimal with a light to moderate role. If something happened to this backfield, I think it'd be league winning if Pollard took over the role the last 4 weeks of the season with fresh legs during fantasy playoffs.
  2. I'm a believer now. Thought they would treat Ty'Son with kid gloves in week 2, but that wasn't the case. He looked good and has nice pieces of the Ravens RB role. They mentioned on the broadcast Murray and Freeman would be part of the 3-man committee so they don't tire out Williams. His fumble came from trying to reach across the stripe for a TD. Careless mistake, but not the making of a fumble problem. I counted at least 4 plays where he was in at goal line, a role I thought would be all Murray, but I was wrong. Nice pickup.
  3. I'm told they called Freeman up because SF came sniffing.
  4. I watched a lot of Tony at Notre Dame and something that needs to be mentioned is that he lost a LOT of weight. Looks in far better shape than he has the last few seasons. I'm interested in finding out his new weight and what he did in the off-season because he looks like a different back.
  5. My cousin is a pilot for a major airline. Had no symptoms, but failed his first physical in 2 decades due to a new enlarged heart only months after his 2nd vaccine. He knows 2 other pilots in the airline who are also being paid to stay home with enlarged hearts as well. I'm tempted to get mine checked. I know 1 person who died after getting the vaccine too close to having COVID. I don't know anyone who's died of COVID.
  6. “It’s top 10 stuff you’re seeing out of him in practice.” Ravens center Bozeman on Ty’Son Williams. go to the 4:00 mark
  7. Sounds cool, but I only have a PS5 right now.
  8. Love my Traeger Ironwood 650. Recently scored a friends BGE XL. Looking forward to learning more about how to use it. What are your top 3 things to cook on your Eggs?
  9. Good luck Stryker, my dad is a recovering AA and NA. I sat through three interventions before he finally gave in and joined a rehab clinic. Now he is sober and living a great life. They say, 1 Day At a Time. It’s so simple, but incredibly powerful.
  10. Wow. This is really interesting
  11. Added to my notebook. 😄 in for some EBS too.
  12. Mount St. GME is erupting. 🚀
  13. Is it over? I’m watching Uncle Bruce. You can tell Bruce-Bruce always hits it.
  14. I like the Yannick and Drake signings. No idea how the Watson/Wilson stuff will pan out, but there’s still 2 publicly disgruntled QBs and the Raiders are one of the few teams that can give back a solid QB. It’s looking better to me as we go. 🤙🏽
  15. The big problem all along for Chicago was everyone knowing that adding Wilson would turn all their offered picks into late round selections.
  16. I love the John Brown signing. Staying healthy isn't his strong suit though.
  17. Totally. Not everything should go toward the stock. I’d be fine with your parents holding back putting in $10-$20 for a few beers after they invest. 👍🏽
  18. I don't know any folks who've received stimulus checks yet. Maybe they are getting them throughout the week?
  19. Very interesting read. Some parts and numbers sound almost unbelievable. 😄💎🙌🏾
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