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  1. Are we throwing out random stats without context? I've got some. Griffin averaged 8.1 YPA as a rookie and 7.0 YPA as a sophomore. Griffin threw a TD on 5.1% of his passes as a rookie and 3.5% of his passes as a sophomore. Pierre Garcon received 182 targets last year and 134 in his previous career-best season. Pierre Garcon is 5'11", Desean Jackson is 5'9", Andre Roberts is 5'11", and Jordan Reed is 6'3". Also, this is not a statistic, but very, very few players do not ever improve as players from where they were as rookies. I have concerns about Jordan Reed. His ability to produce when healthy is not among them. Can this have it's own thread? Next article? I want to learn more about this. Seems counter intuitive.
  2. Tom Savage really struggles to climb the pocket.
  3. Such a great point. It's complicated, but I'm not so sure you couldn't jam or jab him given his slow starts. He would scare me more as a defensive coordinator if the book on him wasn't that he was so stupid. That said it's hard to take away his strengths without help.
  4. Has Nolan Nawrocki commented on whether or not Marqise Lee's smile is real or phony?
  5. I don't have access to coaches tape on these 4 prospects, but I've seen everything on DraftBreakdown.com. I don't consider it a big 4 situation because Teddy Bridgewater is on a different level. The other 3 do form a tier below Teddy. I just don't see them as having the natural vision cone that gives Teddy such a high ceiling as a QB.
  6. I heard that Marqise is a very good basketball player, but I can't find any videos of him playing. If anyone has a link please share. I want to see his athleticism and cordination and then compare it to Kendall Wright as a hooper. KW bball vid: http://youtu.be/Tvb59rcfkEA
  7. Does anyone have stats on passes Teddy had batted down at the line?
  8. If he is a better version of Wright, I think that is a good thingYeah, it's a strange attempt at a dog. Wright was drafted 20 overall and has had 2 good seasons in the NFL already.Not knowing situation and based on pure talent, It's not a good thing. Wright was a product of Griffin in college and he's a product of QBs who can't throw downfield. He's a glorified slot receiver. I'm evaluating his skill not his fantasy value. If you want to draft a glorified slot receiver, you might as well go with the better and more explosive "small" WRs in Cooks and Beckham. Xue, I don't get what you're saying. Griffin was a downfield passer in college. So Wright can be used downfield and underneath? What is he not doing or unable to do that is so troubling for you? I was not a fan of his coming out of Baylor, but after watching all his games I've come around and view him as a better real player than fantasy player. I usually come away impressed with your posts, but I disagree with you on Wright. I'm wondering how much you've seen of him in the NFL, especially last season. His body changed last year. Stats aside, just watching him in the NFL he seems to be a tough cover that positively impacted games. It gives me some pause to see you so low on him, if you can have time to expand some more on him please do. It might be best to post in this KW thread: http://forums.footballguys.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=680517. Keep up the strong posts. Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
  9. Quality of QB matters. Passing offensive philosophy matters. TE skill matters. Of course TEs can be productive with lesser QBs in more balanced offenses. The situation that turns into money is when you can identify the TEs capable of having years of production so high that it puts them amongst the top WRs in fantasy scoring. It's a mathematical advantage to be able to start a TE who outscores his counterparts by so much. You need a QB and offensive framework that can consistently function at such a high TE production level and we've only seen that from a select few QBs. It's not that TEs can't be very productive with mediocre QBs, it's that the cap on TE ceilings is much higher with the elite QBs and that can translate to a substantial edge in fantasy football.
  10. Teddy anticipates quite well. You can see it on the numerous back shoulder throws he makes. It's apparent on the fades that he throws prior to his WR being even with the DB, meaning he sees it and judges the speeds of the players before the "if he's even he's leavin" becomes clear to everyone else. Teddy processes information very quickly and effeciently and he has a very wide vision cone so he really gets the whole picture of the defense and his great feet lead him from one progression to the next which is a nightmare for defenders trying to read his eyes. His decision making and anticipation of 1st and 2nd windows can't be overlooked. He can throw guys open, without question. I don't have access to coaches tape of his games, but I've grinded everything draftbreakdown has on him and even more stuff on youtube. It appears that he isn't missing much out there (his stats line up with this) and there are times when he throws the ball prior to a receiver making a break. He can do it, it's not an issue. The deep ball concerns are legit, but when thinking it through and considering what his game is I see Teddy as having a great chance of becoming a special player on the NFL level.
  11. As a smaller guy who can go up and snatch the ball with his hands in coverage he reminds me a lot of Stevonne Smith.
  12. The trouble with Teddy Bridgewater is that I think his throwing mechanics are flawed on deep balls. He keeps his elbow low which causes his hand to get under the ball and slice it somewhat, that pops the ball up and makes it sail high. He doesn't get that up and down drop in the bucket action quite right and tends to overthrow deep. Everything else from his footwork, pocket awareness, progression reading, and attitude seems exceptional. It's just that I feel like there will be a way to scheme him because he won't be able to effectively stretch the field often enough against a competent single high safety. Watching hours of his college game tape I came away feeling like for a guy who can see the field and read it like him he sure didn't hit many deep routes in stride like his intermediate game would lead you to believe. I'm just not sure if it's a fatal flaw for him given how good he is with other aspects of QB play and I don't like betting against talented players with great work ethics either, but I do see the possibility for using unbalanced defensive strategies against him as a passer.
  13. H-Hour: World's Elite http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1687497632/h-hour-worlds-elite-0 Perhaps the next SOCOM, hopefully recapturing the gameplay of SOCOM 2.
  14. It's probably some kind of copyright gag like the google stuff. I don't know if Holt was wearing a fat suit but a hairpiece for sure. Some of the lighting is so bad you can see the edges. Wiig is great, Rogen is crap. He adds absolutely nothing. I'm not thrilled with the lighting in general, which is a disappointment as the precedent for net series.Rogen was an awful pick and pretty terrible in general.He brings nothing, he looks about a foot shorter than Tambor. Complete fail. I liked him in 40 Year Old Virgin, mostly because I had most of the albums and/or shirts that he was wearing, and he might be a good writer, but his one personality that he has is well overplayed already. I agree, I only liked him as half of the duo Santiago and Dunbar. I noticed the Workaholic guys in the show and I also recognized some Outsourced characters, but I don't know that show well enough to know how many people were represented. I'm wondering if other show casts that I hadn't seen were represented and how intentional it was. There are some people from the Office, but that's not really new and of course there's going to be some natural overlap just because of the industry. I was sad to see that Alia Shawkat was beaten mercilously with an ugly stick after season 3, but happy to see the continued hot redhead trend as exhibited by great shows like Game of Thrones.
  15. I thought that Kristen Wiig really nailed the young Lucille character. Was Steve Holt wearing a fat suit or something? He looked like a hot mess. The thing that really cracked me up was when Ron Howard said Grazer was tipped off 3 months before the market collapse. I was laughing so hard I almost passed out, I had to to pause the show and breath a little. It was a bit scary, but it felt so good to laugh again. What is the Show Stealer watermark stuff about, I don't get that reference.
  16. Can't wait. It's gonna feel so good to laugh again.
  17. good question, i haven't seen one yet. and yeah, Nurmy sucked that fight, just boring ETA: actually looks like it is, Pettis +125, Aldo -150. well set line Thanks. I'm wondering if I can get some odds on type of knockout. Anyone giving odds on KO by knee/flying knee? I haven't followed UFC closely since it stopped being a tournament, but I'm a Jose Aldo fan and wouldn't mind throwing some cash on him for fun. I don't bet against Brazilian favela fighters and I literally want to put money on Aldo's knees in this one.
  18. I have not read the books, but I have seen all HBO episodes. I have a question about something, but the answer may be a spoiler about Theon and his torturers.
  19. Sorry if this has been posted, I didn't have the time to read through all the posts... is there a price set for Aldo v Pettis?
  20. What's the minimum frame to hold up in the NFL?
  21. 70% 7 of 10 overall. 4 of 4 on the last drill done at half speed on 10-15 yard easy tosses. I don't think these should be counted due to the rep speed. Of the 6 game speed passes that involved sprinting and locating the ball he caught 3. 1 was a double catch and 1 was a basket catch during a drill that was specifically supposed to be a high point catch. All the passes were catchable. Unimpressive, but small sample size. I'm not yet sure if game tape supports the trend of bad hands. The Honey Badger was in the same group at the combine and caught everything with ease.
  22. The best part of his game is the quick instinctive devastating jukes moves. He cuts people up. Bonus: "I haven't gotten hurt or missed a game in eight years, so my durability should be really good." -Tavon Austin
  23. Here are the best printable combine results I can find right now: http://www.steelersdepot.com/2013/02/2013-nfl-combine-results/?amp&amp
  24. I'll rewatch it and count Milliner's catches. http://www.nfl.com/combine/live - All the NFL.com combine live coverage (both feeds, all 4 days) NFL.com leaves this up until next year's combine startsI am currently looking for a nice clean printable combine results table if anyone knows of one please post a link.
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