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  1. I managed to win two Championships and a runners-up in the 3 dynasty leagues I play in. I guess that's a pretty good endorsement for FBG @Joe Bryant. Thank-you @Jordan McNamara and @Chad Parsons for your great Dynasty podcast and other subscribers content. My two winning teams were: 12 team Super-Flex Dynasty, PPR and TE Premium that was a start-up this season. I decided to go completely "win now" QB: Brees, Roethlisbeger RB: Jacobs, Gurley WR: Adams, Cooper, Woods TE: Kelce D/ST: Rams 12 team Dynasty, PPR. 3rd year, had an incredible rook
  2. League winner for me. No other player has had such over-achieving performances these last two weeks.
  3. Sadly, as a Colts fan, I have to agree. The drive that started on the Colts 5, after that great goal-line stand, was all Taylor and the Steelers came back and scored. But after that, Rivers was forcing the ball when Taylor could have slowed the game down.
  4. I'm in a similar position. Gurley was my RB2 and is now unplayable. I'm going with Ty Johnson over Sony Michel and Carls Hyde. Really not expect to win a ring in this league, much better chances in my other two finals.
  5. Great for the international audience, a prime-time game at 8:30pm on a weekday. 😀
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