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  1. Darrell Henderson, Mecole Hardman.....the list goes on
  2. He is the first person to be drafted by an NFL team that was born this century. Makes me feel so old!
  3. Yeah, bit of a blow to Higgins owners, drafting Chase. Will be interesting to see how the targets are shared out between Chase, Higgins and Boyd next season. Could be like Pittsburgh this season where Juju, Johnson and Claypool were all fantasy starters, but none really cemented a WR1 role. Long-term you have to think Chase emerges as the leader of group though.
  4. Yeah, in most cases you make this trade. I guess if you feel that you have a strong enough team to win it all then Najee Harris will score less than Henry this year and weaken your hand a little.. You might have a serviceable QB already that Jackson doesn't represent much, if any, of an upgrade to e.g. Ryan, Stafford etc.
  5. Happily I won a couple of leagues last season, one of which with a very "win now" roster. In fact, its a bit of miracle I did win, that monster Davante Adams Week 16 performance pipping a much stronger opponent to the post. So, what to do now with a rather ageing team? I wondered whether a rebuild approach is a better alternative. Here's a quick breakdown of the roster. Its SuperFlex and TE Premium (1.5 PPR) QB: Wentz, Roethlisberger, Brees, Brissett, Love RB: Jacobs, Gurley, Hyde, Coleman, Michel WR: Adams, Cooper, Woods, Higgins, Hilton, Corey Davis, Agholor TE: Kelce, Hockenson, Gronk (Some scrubs, kickers and D/ST that don't really have relevancy to the conversation) I suspect I could sneak into the playoffs again but a repeat seems unlikely, what with Brees retiring and Gurley holding minimal value moving forward. Is it best to cash in on guys like Kelce and Adams now while they still hold top tier value? Thanks in advance.
  6. Break the trade down: 1.01 for Wilson. Wilson is worth more over the next 2-3 seasons. Beyond that, sure, Lawrence is worth more but its not really wise to base trades on such long timeframes. Diggs for Golladay. Diggs is worth more based purely on talent and QB. But its not a huge gap, Diggs probably had a career year and Golladay could be a low WR1/ high WR2 again 2.1 for Sanders. There's no comparison here, the running backs at 2.1 are just dart throws. For every Antonio Gibson there will be slew of misses or, at best, rotational guys. Will Gainwell, Sermon or Carter be any better than Damien Harris, Keyshawn Vaughan or Zack Moss. Its doubtful. So yeah, I wouldn't bite.
  7. I managed to win two Championships and a runners-up in the 3 dynasty leagues I play in. I guess that's a pretty good endorsement for FBG @Joe Bryant. Thank-you @Jordan McNamara and @Chad Parsons for your great Dynasty podcast and other subscribers content. My two winning teams were: 12 team Super-Flex Dynasty, PPR and TE Premium that was a start-up this season. I decided to go completely "win now" QB: Brees, Roethlisbeger RB: Jacobs, Gurley WR: Adams, Cooper, Woods TE: Kelce D/ST: Rams 12 team Dynasty, PPR. 3rd year, had an incredible rookie draft (see below) QB: Rodgers RB: Taylor (only 1 mandated in each position and no limit) WR: Hopkins, Evans, Chark, Jefferson, Higgins, AJ Brown, Beasley TE: Engram
  8. League winner for me. No other player has had such over-achieving performances these last two weeks.
  9. Sadly, as a Colts fan, I have to agree. The drive that started on the Colts 5, after that great goal-line stand, was all Taylor and the Steelers came back and scored. But after that, Rivers was forcing the ball when Taylor could have slowed the game down.
  10. I'm in a similar position. Gurley was my RB2 and is now unplayable. I'm going with Ty Johnson over Sony Michel and Carls Hyde. Really not expect to win a ring in this league, much better chances in my other two finals.
  11. Great for the international audience, a prime-time game at 8:30pm on a weekday. 😀
  12. I just traded a 1st (likely 1.09 or lower) and Marquise Brown for him in a dynasty PPR league. Feeling pretty good about it, his targets are so high he should have no issue remaining a low-end WR1 this season and next, as Herbert also emerges as a QB1. Ironically I have Mike Williams in that league too, who has consistently been boom-bust but tends to boom when Allen is out. So nice to have the hand-cuff there.
  13. Put bluntly, most people think he's a clown. Some of his comments on domestic and international topics beggar belief. The outcome of this will impact us on post-Brexit trade agreements, as well as our other economic influence, COVID, Climate Change etc. Read this, if you're interested. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-54803338
  14. I'm 100% British, wife is American. But I know of many people who have no such ties or allegiance yet the the same level interest. Been discussing it with customers on every Teams call I've had this morning. It's the one of the most defining political events of our generation.
  15. I guess there are clueless people everywhere. People here in the UK are very tuned in to what is happening. I have 538, ABC, NYT & The Guardian tabs open on my browser
  16. This isn't really a surprise to me, which is why I took JT over CEH in drafts this year. A smaller back with limited depth behind him was always likely to have an FA or rookie drafted next year to split carries or fill the short-yardage role. Did anyone really think he'd be a long-term bell-cow back?
  17. Lets put it this, would you start him ahead of Hilton? Thats the dilemma I have in one dynasty league and am not ready to make that decision yet. Hilton still had more targets so not convinced that impressive week 1 was anything more than game script.
  18. In one league I'm suffering. Got Sutton, Evans and Golladay all crocked. Beasley, Jefferson and Higbee are starting in their place. Yuk!
  19. I ran a 12 team redraft last season but the majority of the members voted for a switch to Dynasty. Trying to fill the 3 spots for those that didn't want to play that format. Format will be: Scoring - PPR, TE Premium, 4pt Passing TD Roster - QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, Flex(WR/RB/TE), SuperFlex (QB/WR/RB/TE) DST (NO KICKERS!) - 24 spots total Hosting - Sleeper Draft - 4 round auction on ESPN, as their platform is good for it,then import rosters into Sleeper and continue with live draft for remaining rounds. 1st pick in the live draft will go to the player with the most of their auction budget available. This is a league with predominantly British members but open to all, doesn't really make any difference. It will mean that the draft will be our evening time so likely t 8pm BST next Sunday, which would be 3pm Eastern. To be confirmed once all spots are filled, but likely that winnings will be awarded only if 8 games of the season are played. This seems quite common across the leagues I'm involved in as a shortened season doesn't always reflect the best teams. In which case, fees will be held on to next season and held in PayPal. LeagueSafe have closed their doors to non-USA customers now. Its low stakes, after all. PM with me interest.
  20. I think its more about the fans than the players. Having even 15k people at a game would be absolutely nuts right now. If the NFL is willing to play behind closed doors, empty stadiums, I can't see any problems. Watch games on TV as the majority of fans do. It's only for one season, one hopes. I would say its a bit weird watching a game without any fans. Some networks here give you the option to turn on or off piped crowd noises over the broadcast. They've obviously got some clever software that adjusts the artificial fan noise to align with what's happening in the game. That said, after 10 mins or so you forget about it as you're more focused on game play and commentary. It will probably impact the NBA more as the fans sit so much closer to the court so will be more much more apparent to TV viewers.
  21. Football (Soccer) games in Europe have run for over a month now without any issues, many teams playing two games a week. Granted, teams are smaller, about 25 players first team on the roster, rather than the 53 on a NFL team, but there's many more teams here - 92 professional teams in the English league pyramid alone. Numerous tests have been conducted during that time with a few coming back positive, but this didn't stop games from being played. I'm not clear how each team dealt with a postive result, but there hasn't been any news of multiple players from one team. https://www.premierleague.com/news/1670563 So, I'd think that if common sense is followed, a professional sport in the USA should be no different from the rest of the world.
  22. I don't think so. Campbell is best in the Slot and possibly Flanker while Pittman has the physicality and catch radius to run from the Split End/Z receiver position. He's a possession guy and should see some RZ targets. I'm hopeful that they'll be a great compliment to each-other for several years to come. Got to stay healthy and get regular reps to do so though. QB play dependant too.
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