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  1. It is a fair offer and I would take it too. See mine: https://forums.footballguys.com/topic/795191-dynasty-superflex-trade-advice/
  2. Agree you need to upgrade RB, I'd float Montgomery to the league to make sure there isn't a better offer but the current one isn't terrible. See mine: https://forums.footballguys.com/topic/795191-dynasty-superflex-trade-advice/
  3. My QB's in my dynasty superflex are vomit inducing. I have a chance to get Hurts, wondering what your thoughts are. I'd give Kamara to get Hurts and a first round pick in the rookie draft. It is a 14 team league with .5 PPR. My current roster: QB: Bridgewater, Jimmy G, Minshew, Fromm, Grier, Rosen, Rudolph RB: Kamara, Akers, Henderson, Robinson, Brown, Edmonds, Dillon WR: Godwin, Moore, Brown, Lamb, Davis, MVS, Washington, Meyers TE: Smith, Jarwin, Trautman, Schultz
  4. Oakland called a TO to bail them out. They substituted out the WR's for the jumbo package. This is all on the coaching.
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