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  1. He'll definitely play this week. You know why? The FF Gods are cruel. I had him penciled in last week for 16+ points. He doesn't play and my opponent has Davis who gets 21 points against me. That means CMC is going off this week when I'm out. Good luck to all of you that can use him!
  2. I have Corey Davis and Tannehill this week and think it's better to have Brown play. Here's hoping there's plenty of QB/WR points to make everyone happy! 😁
  3. Absolutely disgusted watching Edward's rush instead of Dobbins
  4. Up by one with Dobbins and Balt. D Hope they dont give up a cheap TD in garbage time.
  5. It's crazy. He's clearly got the juice. Rotate Edward's and Dobbins. Hill is useless, but in every third and long🤪
  6. As a Dallas fan that has Balt. Defense tonight, I'm shocked Balt. can't get to Dalton. Dallas O line is bad. Maybe they can gameplan better at half time.
  7. I'm trying to make the playoffs with Dobbins and Balt. Defense Not a great start😬
  8. Because it's a "shovel pass" RB cant handle the exchange but QB gets -2 Not right IMO
  9. Why does the QB always get dinged 2 points for fumble because the RB cant handle the ball?
  10. Lost because my opponent's druggie WR Fuller went off. Also, Derek Carr, TYVM for zero points!
  11. Houston-please just run the ball 12 straight times to run out the clock and put me out of my FULLER misery
  12. Jeezus, I thought the Cowboys secondary was bad. Detroit is pitiful.
  13. Of course I'm in a must win game this week and my opponent has Fuller 😡
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