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  1. Very intrigued by these. I’ve been watching youtube videos of people cooking on blackstones and was wondering if anyone here had one.
  2. Sorry about that I’m a little impetuous and a slight hot head
  3. /thread Buffoonery From the same album but actually a really good song Well that does it folks
  4. The tartar sauce I get around here has lemon juice in it . Sometimes parsley , maybe chives , always pickle and onion. Can’t see the lemon playing on a burger at all but then again this burger has brown sugar in it
  5. Would’ve been something if he ever got into even decent shape. Guy ate himself out of the league
  6. Because they own the pipes and they own media
  7. I don’t know about anyone else but whenever I hear Jessie’s Girl I think of Boogie Nights.
  8. This was a song I liked them, although couldn’t publicly admit it, and like now
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