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  1. People spammed the only pro Trump thread for years . You would go down a page and 1 guy would have almost have the page with his board cop schtick. :crickets:
  2. The Democratic Party did leave the working class behind . Thanks GG , good info here
  3. I keep getting this trying to access this on my phone https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/ have to access through my notifications
  4. This forum is like vintage AOL on my phone. Basically unusable. Fine on my ipad
  5. RIP Sylvain Sylvain , a real rock and roller his passing leaves Johansson as the last original Doll still alive
  6. off the top of my head Axl Rose Robert Plant Freddy Mercury Dylan Springsteen Billy Joel Billie Joe Armstrong Chris Connell Steven Tyler Ozzy Osbourne
  7. I would definitely not go. Online vigilantes are going after people who peacefully attended the rally.
  8. Brett’s been an anti Trumper from way back as well as having a ridiculous rug
  9. Wow this isn’t good. Have a link on this? I’d love to read about it
  10. An i friend in a home theater group dropped a coming civil war rant video over the weekend. By all appearances a normal family guy .
  11. Biden-Harris Presidential Transition @Transition46 "Our priority will be Black, Latino, Asian, and Native American owned small businesses, women-owned businesses, and finally having equal access to resources needed to reopen and rebuild." — President-elect Biden
  12. Haven’t been this mad since the Bruins blew a 3-0 series lead against the flyers in 2010
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