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  1. Wednesday, the pasta aisle was wiped out in my town . Only a few store brand boxes left , no brand names at all.
  2. I think your best bet would be a Switch and a switch lite plus a couple of controllers
  3. there are 9 songs on the album and Ocasek sings lead on 5 of them Side 2 is one of my favorite album sides of any album
  4. Here in MA we have 300 state troopers and 1400 correction officers unvaccinated . What could go wrong
  5. I’m not against good hardworking illegal immigrants. The restaurant industry runs on them. I’m against the numbers coming here this year and I’m against their exploitation . Letting the numbers cross the boarder during a pandemic unvaccinated is insane on top of everything else
  6. Sorry was talking about the Home Depot parking lot labor pool
  7. Of course you do , you stated how you employ them for day labor. More illegal immigrants competing for jobs equals lower wages .Even at the lowest level by doing this you are exploiting them and part of the problem
  8. Doesn’t even cover all the feds . USPS isn’t included . I’m vaccinated, fully vaccinated as they say. No idea if my employees are , can’t ask . But they deal with the public on a daily business and yet not mandated.
  9. Remember when Donald was ridiculed for creating the Space Force
  10. Who knew the MSM would turn to race baiting. I’m starting to lose faith in their integrity
  11. Round 8 Lou Reed Transformer 1972 - top 20 album all time for me , close to top 10 Satellite of Love Perfect Day Lou Reed Coney Island Baby1976 - a guilty pleasure . Transformer is cold where as Coney Island is warm Coney Island Baby Charley’s Girl
  12. One of my kids share some of my musical tastes , Bowie, classic punk/new wave and glam, the rest don’t. I think back to when I was 14 I would have been better off with my mother finding a playboy in my room then some of the “subversive “ albums I had to keep hidden. Good times. Times were certainly different then. My dad listened to Conway Twitty, Buck Owens and traditional Irish music
  13. Teenage Kicks by The Undertones reminds me of the days of my youth. No truer male teen song was ever written. Don’t know why I quoted you with this besides having a few cocktails in me
  14. Just got in and running out to dinner with the Mrs. Will add the songs tonight. Love all 4 of these album Husker Dü 1984- Zen Arcade 1985- New Day Rising David Bowie 1977- Heroes 2016- Blackstar
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