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  1. Culturally it’s a monster song Last year it came in at #2 on the Guardian’s 100 greatest UK #1 songs Great video - long version 2017 article about Ghost Town “It’s an odd, eerie song, nodding to pop convention and sitting wilfully outside of it. It’s included, in passing, in Dorian Lynskey’s beautifully written book on protest songs, “33 Revolutions Per Minute”, but unlike the band’s “Free Nelson Mandela” does not merit its own chapter. Perhaps because “Ghost Town” cannot be “placed”. It’s not explicitly against any one event. It does not exhort its listener
  2. This wasn’t posted in good faith
  3. He’s best kind and an all around good guy 👍
  4. Pierre Delecto isn’t walking through that door
  5. The guy was a coat holder and the results in that poll show it.
  6. Baby steps to Donald’s speech Baby steps to Donald’s speech
  7. I that statue They should let people tape $$ on it like the Virgin Mary at festivals
  8. Take this religious mumbo jumbo to the religious mumbo jumbo thread.Cripes
  9. Of course not but I would love to see Yangs freedom dividend happen. The idea behind forgiving debt was partially to help the economy by freeing loan repayment to be used other ways. Now the narrative seems to be be it’s only help for high earners
  10. Jen Psaki @jrpsaki Also what is the legal authority for strikes? Assad is a brutal dictator. But Syria is a sovereign country. 10:27 PM · Apr 6, 2017
  11. I think Drive sounds fantastic today , wasnt a big fan at the time. Too soft.
  12. I’m not a fan of those Frenchies , I’d save the walker. Now if they were Labs I’d save the dogs
  13. You’re paying $4 for the privilege of being able to purchase UFC PPVs. I get it free and disappointed as well
  14. Franken was forced out to use it as an attack against the President . Plain and simple
  15. For someone who complains about people being board cop...you accuse others of trolling and fishing and like to tell people how to post. Its not fishing. Im asking you to be consistent. Are you willing to have a rational discussion on any topic? Or just going to mock what others say It’s rinse & repeat . Please stop.
  16. DeSantis has been a stellar leader throughout the pandemic . Rock solid leadership
  17. There was 5 guys I wanted off your roster at the start. Deep team
  18. I read it as a cat made no sense to me. Glad it’s cleared up
  19. Wow we flew through this 4.12 Myles Straw OF Hou unoVVned
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