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  1. It's a bit of a headscratcher. I mean, yeah, build the lines, makes sense. But still leaves us with this side of warm bodies starting at a couple of positions.
  2. Lots of CB and WR out there. We'll see what happens....
  3. There are a lot of good possibilities. LB (J O-K or Bolton), D-Line (Barmore, Ojualari, maybe Onwuzurike), WR (Moore, Marshall Jr.), Moehrig (S). For CB we're into a lower tier, but there are a lot of eyes on where Asanti Samuel Jr. ends up.
  4. Probably the best scenario (maybe even over trade down) for Detroit. Can't wait for the Penei vs Penisini blocking drills.
  5. Gotta think Sewell for the Lions. Unless a great trade's there.
  6. Perhaps just my 2 cents, but the general fanbase landscape as I see it for #7: 1. Trade Down 2. OT (Sewell could be 1 if Cincy somehow passes on him) 3. QB (at least Fields) 4. Chase 5. Parsons (again, for 7. obviously gains value soon after) 6. Basically any other person who might go in the top 20 7. Pitts (not that I wouldn't be surprised if he went earlier, but still)
  7. Don Muhlbach returning for his 18th year. So you might say they brought the mule back. That, Bullock, Harris and Perriman look like little (but necessarily) roster building moves. Though Perriman only needs to beat the likes of Gerinomo Allison to be the Lions' WR3 at worst. For now (or until draft day?).
  8. Obviously mixed feelings about Goff. Makes me curious if QB is still the play for the 7th pick, or they see if he's salvageable as a starter. A 3rd's okay for this year, since the Lions are short on picks. But two future firsts for a team that needs to build from the ground up? Yeah, definitely a hefty payout. Now to see if the Lions have a GM who can do something with the picks. So, a bit meh about the trade seeming to fit a) Stafford's needs (recent home in LA) and b) having a GM formally from the Rams do this, a la Quinntricia picking up castoff Patroits. But can't be upset about the p
  9. For RB (and if we carry over to WR, given the FAs there), a bit harder to say much is fully "settled". Still, if we call that having their bellcow or (more likely) their top two RBs nailed down for 2021, things clear up a lot. Looking good: Baltimore, Carolina, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Indy, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Minnesota, NY Giants, Tennessee Could stand pat: Buffalo, Cincy, Denver, Detroit, Jacksonville, LA Chargers, LA Rams, Miami, New Orleans, Philly, San Fran, Tampa, Washington Probably asking for too little change, since that's 24/32 teams. For FA, there's Carson, Dr
  10. insta-lock: Arizona, Baltimore, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Seattle Probably settled minus something unexpected: Cleveland, LA Chargers, Las Vegas, Minnesota, NY Giants, Tennessee Seem settled, but you never know: Atlanta, Dallas (with Dak), Green Bay, LA Rams, Tampa Add Jacksonville to that first list if I'm allowed to pick Lawrence as their QB.
  11. I think he won me over with "You've had enough of that s###". It's the Lions, so it's easier to expect it to fall apart like a house of cards, but at least there's reason for optimism. Already prefer him to Patricia, but that's not a high bar >.>
  12. That 4th down conversion salts away another top pick for the Lions. ATL and CIN already lost, so it's mostly (if not only) HOU pulling the upset that could push Detroit above 7th.
  13. Swift scores. Maybe. Possibly. Kinda. Lions 0-2 on 2 point conversions, but then again, they've already missed an XP, so yeah.
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