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  1. Final score doesn't exactly shock me. There was some promise in the first half, but mostly penalties, turnovers (and near turnovers) and a general showing of how young this Lions team is. I'm not expecting much in the win column, but I want to see the team grow. There was some of that, but also giving up big plays and still almost no worry that a Lions pass will go 10 (7?) yards downfield.
  2. A lions specialty is having no one the least bit threatening as their backup QBs. Current example: David Blough.
  3. Now to see if Lions get a late meaningless TD or two again.
  4. Aaron to Aaron x 3 Probably dagger with how bad/undisciplined the Lions D looked this drive.
  5. 4th time the Lions D has bailed the Pack out of potential trouble on this drive alone.
  6. Campbell nothing if not aggressive. Easy to nitpick given the results, though it wouldn't have put them back ahead, so *shrug*
  7. Hock TD! Drive was lots of short gains and a face mask penalty, but at least the results are positive.
  8. But apparently skilled at falling face-first into a defenders' hands so there's a penalty.
  9. Lions O with a real strong start. Yet to be seen whether their D plays better than the Packers' did that drive.
  10. I had the Steelers penciled in for week 2, but that's not looking as strong. I'd prefer to save Tampa, but might go with CLE as so much seems to be in their favor. If I want to stay away from all of the biggest favorites, I'm leaning towards Arizona.
  11. So, two ways to look at it. Either laugher that turned into respectable, or that the Lions never gave up. I'd feel better if I didn't think that SF was in prevent on both sides the 4th (if not longer), or if I thought that Goff would throw deep when NOT down by 3+ scores, but I can't totally ignore a few positive signs at the end. It's a team that's building from the ground up, and if we're lucky, this is part of the foundation.
  12. Goff up to 293/3. Numbers can be deceiving.
  13. Goff's YPC goes from 6.41 to 8.44 on that dump-off to the house.
  14. This season's about finding out who deserves to be here next year (or maybe even Week 2), right?
  15. Gotta love Gould slipping on the mystically slick indoor field. FG missed, so that's now 2/7 drives that the Niners didn't score.
  16. Lions missed an easy INT, and I still feel lucky that we held SF to only a FG. Some good things on offense, but calling the D terrible is almost too complementary. 31-10 at half. Only 16 1/2 games to get through this season...
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