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  1. Depends on their scheme - they only used one LB last year for the most part. Many teams switching to nickel/dime schemes with only one LB.
  2. It's weird, though, because everyone stopped listening to radio sometime around 2000, so there's no monoculture. 80s/90s is about the last time people have a common touchstone to some genres of music. For me, 40 oz to Freedom always sounded like it was 75% complete when they just gave up and released it. Unpolished is one thing, this felt unfinished.
  3. What SF startup pick would it take to get a 2022 first round pick? If I call that 1.06, it would take: Tagliere: Doesn't list any percentage to decrease future picks, so I'd say around pick 6.11. Hindery: No decrease value listed, so I have to go with 5.01. DynastyProcess: 7.04 KTC: 6.08 Reddit: No rookie picks listed. So these match up a lot better... around the end of the 6th round to get a 2022 1st.
  4. How about something like a value chart for superflex IDP startup picks? I did some fiddling around with a few dynasty calculators to see what I could come up with minus the IDPs. I started with the calculators from Tagliere, Hindery, DynastyProcess, KeepTradeCut, and some chart I found on Reddit. Here's what I should expect to get for a 1.06 startup pick in each, targeting two picks in the top 6 rounds: Tagliere: 1.06 is 74, I can get 5.12 (37) and 6.01 (36). Hindery: 1.06 is 48, I can get 5.01 (27) and 6.12 (21). DynastyProcess: 1.06 is 8783, there isn't a great pair to
  5. Makes me realize how vanilla most of my leagues are.
  6. Check your wire for CJ Mosley and maybe Reuben Foster (might never play again). Justin Strnad looked interesting but missed his rookie season. Check for Marcus Davenport... many have given up on him, but he's worth a stash in my opinion. Maybe check the rosters of all the teams way over the salary cap... Saints, Eagles, Rams, Falcons, Chiefs... you might find some cut candidates and pick up their backup, like Zack Baun maybe being one of the last standing for Saints LBs or Davion Taylor maybe getting a shot on a rookie contract. Also all of last season's rookies who didn't
  7. To be fair, I only won one week. I got something like 4th or 5th overall (chose Mahomes over Brady in the SB). But yeah, I've only ever subscribed to them for a month once before, so it'll be interesting to see how I like it there. Thanks for the feedback on DTC... are there any settings selectors for big play vs. tackle heavy vs. balanced, or splitting out CBs and DTs, or edge vs. DE/OLB? Forgot to reply, so @rockaction
  8. I know DynastyTradeCalculator.com has a mixed calculator for a fairly small fee - does anyone use it? How’s the quality?
  9. Does anyone know of a free chart or calculator to compare IDP player values with draft picks or offensive players? I know there are a lot of variables, but it seems like there should be a simple Zealots-like setup comparison chart out there.
  10. Is there a Spotify playlist or anything?
  11. It’s worth listening to today’s eulogy episode of the Around the NFL podcast.
  12. The room will never be filled with heroes again. I love that he had his time with Lakisha and Linc after the first diagnosis, and am so sad that he’s gone.
  13. Best wiki I ever saw was for Game of Thrones, where you could go to your profile, click which books and seasons you had watched, and it would filter out all spoilers. I wish every wiki did that. https://towerofthehand.com/my/?commit=scope
  14. Don't worry, it starts getting really clear soon. It'll all click and you'll have no trouble making a framework to fit new information into.
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