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  1. Man, except for Phillips on IR, these guys aren't on my rosters anymore.
  2. I don’t know if it’s behind a paywall, but The Monster at IDPGuys is great.
  3. Reposting my list of waiver articles… I took the DLF links out because I don’t have a sub this year and IDPGuru went pay, though I might pay for that one still. I think the IDP Guys article is free but I have a sub this year so I’m not sure. Woellert’s waiver article is behind a paywall, but his 3 down LB article isn’t and is useful. https://subscribers.footballguys.com/apps/article-list.php?author=40&ref=s https://www.4for4.com/users/mike-woellert/author-page https://www.fantasypros.com/news/correspondents/raju-byfield.php https://www.fantasysharks.com/category/idp/ https://www.idpguys.org/author/kyle-bellefeuil/ https://rotoheat.com/author/krueth/ https://www.dynastynerds.com/author/ejh1528/ https://www.rotoballer.com/author/the_pre-snapreader
  4. I'd rather see them deal with gross food than hot food... I had the same experience described here in France when I ordered andouille: A coworker laughed at me for rejecting it after a couple of bites, then tried it and retched. Intestines popping out of an intestine case, with a vile smell... perfect for GM and shukie!
  5. My wife dropped off around book 8, and the braid pulling was also her shorthand for why she quit.
  6. Also, I have no idea how to spell any of the names. And Kate Reading changed how she said Mogedien (sp?) multiple times over the books.
  7. Yeah, I listened to all of them on audiobook. It's a ridiculous number of hours... I still think of the series when I mow the lawn since it was my soundtrack for so many years. For those who asked, I though the ending was good - when Jordan died and Sanderson took over, he had an outline to follow, so he was constrained... but Sanderson is really good (much better than Jordan IMO) and did a good job of finishing things in the last 2 books.
  8. https://twitter.com/IDPSharks/status/1428075437222150150?s=20
  9. Some IR/PUP news: Josh Jones released from IR Ashtyn Davis on IR (returnable) Jacob Phillips on IR (returnable but not expected back) Danny Trevathan on IR (returnable)
  10. There are a million manufacturers of these. I've had them for about 15 years across 4 chairs and love the Rollerblade wheels. I haven't had any problems with any of the manufacturers I've used.
  11. Cisco could be with Josh Jones out. I think I like him the best both short-term and long-term from that group.
  12. Nice. I didn't see Kiser mentioned in there, but might have missed it. That was the most notable for me - signs are strangely pointing to Kenny Young having a shot at the every-down MLB spot to start the season. Between Young and Carter, there are some nice week-one targets already, plus whatever surprises we get from the first week snap counts.
  13. He said on Twitter that there won't be any more updates this preseason, if I recall correctly.
  14. Getting an early start on LB depth... Anzalone in 5/6 Zealots leagues Jermaine Carter in 5/6 Nasirildeen in 2/6 (likely drops) Kenny Young in 2/6 (likely drops) Strnad in one (likely drop) Probably about time to drop Baron Browning. It sounds like Derrick Barnes is probably worth holding on to for now until we see how Anzalone sticks.
  15. It seems like you were a day ahead - I saw a lot about him on the twitters yesterday.
  16. Rough depth chart there, though - Tavon Wilson, Jaquiski Tartt, and HaHa Clinton-Dix.
  17. I'm feeling lost on so many guys. I don't think I've read Blake Cashman's name, even when Jarrad Davis went down. Sherwood got mentioned in game, but was supposed to be rotating games with Nasirildeen. No idea what's going on with the Rams. Is it really going to be Young as every-down LB with Reeder as most-downs LB and Kiser left out? Still no clarity on Chargers LBs - maybe Murray/White instead of Tranquill? Jacob Phillips went down... who steps in next to Walker? Takitaki, Mack Wilson? WFT LBs - Holcomb/Davis/Bostic - who's in on passing downs? Neville Hewitt lost out to Cunningham and Kirksey, right? Did Strnad pass Jewell while he was hurt? Browning nowhere to be seen. Is it really Keanu Neal at the second LB spot ahead of Smith and LVE? Anzalone, really? Bonus: Darrell Taylor - he's either the 4th DE on one side or the starting LEO or starting SLB depending on where I look. No idea what's happening here.
  18. I don't want to turn this into the Athletic thread, but they also have a free FF competition - I'm in a draft for it right now.
  19. Yeah, I picked it up last Black Friday for $1/month. I'm a hockey fan and the Down Goes Brown articles are some of the funniest articles out there for me. The football coverage is just a bonus.
  20. I think league lineups will likely change… if you were 3DL, 3LB, 3DB, I could see switching to 2DI, 2ED, 2ILB, 3DB… or some variation like that. Depending on what leagues decide, that drives the value changes. There will be fewer useful ILBs than there were LBs, but if they get decreased from 3 starters to 2, I think they go down in value on balance. 3-4 DEs that convert to DI would go up massively in value - think of the PIT DEs competing with DTs. But if your league goes to 1DI, 2ED, 3ILB, 3DB, then 3-down ILBs take all of the value bump. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this prompt leagues to split out CBs while they’re already reconsidering IDP positions, so there could be a sneaky bump in CB values.
  21. Yeah, Davenport said MFL will have true position next season.
  22. Also, it's possible he's a creep who has the hots for your daughter. Probably not, but possible.
  23. So I actually have recent experience that's pretty similar. My wife and her younger coworker have been temps with my company for the past 2 years. The company wrote job descriptions describing what they do in order to hire them as full salaried employees. My wife's coworker didn't notice the leverage she had, where a company liked the job she was doing so much that they created a job description describing her. I've been reading about the gender wage gap and how a major contributor is that women don't ask for as much money when they negotiate for a job. My wife and I discussed and she decided to ask for $X as a salary. Wife's coworker was planning to ask for $(X-30) as a salary. My wife talked to her and convinced her to also ask for $X. The company hired them both for $X, so her coworker is now making $30K more than she was planning to ask for. Wife's coworker was getting married just after that and invited us, put us at the main table, and stopped over to thank us and tell us how important it was to her. Her mom, whom we'd never met, also stopped over to thank us for coaching her on it and said it really meant a lot. We were thrilled for the coworker and it made us happy that it meant so much to her. Maybe find a way to thank the guy, even if you don't know him. It might make him happy to hear how important his gift was was, even if he already knows it.
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