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  1. I don’t have time for any of it. My best to all of you, in magic sports, in love and in life.
  2. Since this is such a hot trend nowadays I considered trying to do up a thread of my top glam metal tracks Seeing as how everyone knows I'm the high authority on such things But sadly, having a real job and being a kept man, I don't much have the time, and lets face it, who here would give a damn about that anyway This one rocks however, and if anybody cares I do have an ongoing playlist of it on tim apple music incorporated
  3. Credit to you because I left our QB core in shambles by not being on top of the Titans/Tannehill situation FF seems about like the nightmare I thought it might be this year. But, I'll be back, what else do I have to live for
  4. Wonders never cease.. Corey Dickerson almost made it a whole week!
  5. Gonna start attending A's day games, just to get some alone time
  6. u drink alcohol?

  7. Smell my finger/.

  8. I'm here for the head.

  9. I'm here to collect the head

  10. I notice there is a Bodzilla and a Bobzilla here at FBG. Any relation?

  11. 5 stars. show bowbiejunkie who%s paying teh costs to be da boss! :angry:

  12. acp gets enya and all i got was dokken? wtf!

  13. Thanks so much for the Enya mix tape.

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