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  1. I don’t have time for any of it. My best to all of you, in magic sports, in love and in life.
  2. Since this is such a hot trend nowadays I considered trying to do up a thread of my top glam metal tracks Seeing as how everyone knows I'm the high authority on such things But sadly, having a real job and being a kept man, I don't much have the time, and lets face it, who here would give a damn about that anyway This one rocks however, and if anybody cares I do have an ongoing playlist of it on tim apple music incorporated
  3. Credit to you because I left our QB core in shambles by not being on top of the Titans/Tannehill situation FF seems about like the nightmare I thought it might be this year. But, I'll be back, what else do I have to live for
  4. I think if we sit back and take a deep breath we can agree that this is all Eephus's fault
  5. There's a good Butterfield doc on Amazon prime (lots of good music docs there actually.. just a matter of finding them)
  6. I took off out of Oakland heading east around 0745 today. Videoed out the window the first ten minutes.. around 4 minutes in, they announced we crossed over 10000 feet and people could use devices etc.. at 6 minutes I began to see the faint orange spot that is our Sun, and even at minute 10 we still weren't completely in the clear. Maybe a few minutes after that I had blue sky and could start to make out the delineation Seemed to run all the way to Tahoe but I couldn't necessarily tell what was smoke/cloud cover/both Dat smokeboi it thicc
  7. RIP Riley, I saw them last year at a huge fest and they crushed it.. I always thought their best was yet to come In more uplifting news here's a bunch of dudes doing 99 bottles of beer
  8. Yeah I binged season 6 of Alone last week and enjoyed it. No real spoilers here but
  9. Oh yeah, get used to that face, it will be on our 100 ruble bill next year
  10. Is the link bad? I don't know what I'm doing anymore. Those folks like their powder.
  11. https://a57.foxnews.com/cf-images.us-east-1.prod.boltdns.net/v1/static/694940094001/2e13cf3e-6ef6-42a9-8f6d-db29a26aa74e/12403ddd-1f3f-41b0-bda1-b123e00018b5/1280x720/match/931/524/image.jpg?ve=1&tl=1
  12. Got hooks. Probably my favorite totally new band of the year. Also in the running for Most Likely To Go Top 40 Pop And Make My Sh!tlist Next Year
  13. Yeah this is as good as a free league gets, and it's not that I'm particularly spun up about the COVID per se, especially with no money on the line here... this has just proven to be a good time for me to take a year off from FB and FF, after 20 straight. It was starting to feel like a job, like, five years ago.
  14. All my best Cali friends ❤️ I'm back east getting my #### together but a few of the people I met out there, out around Santa Cruz, have lost their homes 😥 Talk about life comes at you fast, fn unfathomable bummer
  15. Yeah I'm out, sorry. Thoroughly enjoying my year off from magic sports. I don't see how this season goes off without a lot of people getting sick but hey I'm no scientist. Happy to hang out sometimes, listen to tunes and commentate
  16. 18.jz Khemmis - A Conversation With Death 19.jz The Sword - She Thought I might take something off that King Buffalo but steelcity got it covered. We've got some good hard rocking tunage in here now. I'll have to carefully weigh out what my last pick is gonna be. Steel you'll like that Creeper album Nice work everybody..
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