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  1. @Ruffrodys05 you wanna lose to me again?
  2. Head scratching picks by the Jags and Bengals
  3. That hernia surgery spooked teams that much?
  4. We need a lot. 2 OL, 1 TE, 1 RB, 1 DE, 2-3 LBs, 1 CB, 1 FS.
  5. Gettleman doing a fantastic job, Giants going into the draft with no obvious weaknesses.
  6. dont be such a size queen, I felt the same way as you before watching him, he looks like a more polished Jonah Wiliams. Slater can absolutely play left tackle, or any other position on the offensive line for that matter. You're getting like a 5 in 1 OLmen,
  7. they just are stupid, this is a team that refused the Ricky Williams trade to take Akili Smith
  8. Bengals already have Reiff and Jonah Williams, taking Slater that high just some seems like a reach to me, they can probably get someone like Eichenberg or Mayfield in the second round if they want OT depth.
  9. I follow the Bengals and the WFT as a fan Im not happy with Higgins as the #1. I would want Ja'Marr Chase, if Sewell is not there. If Sewell is off the board, I dont think the Bengals would trade down with the Panthers, without atleast a future first or 2nd rounder this year and I dont think the Panthers would trade that.
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