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  1. @Ruffrodys05 you wanna lose to me again?
  2. Head scratching picks by the Jags and Bengals
  3. That hernia surgery spooked teams that much?
  4. We need a lot. 2 OL, 1 TE, 1 RB, 1 DE, 2-3 LBs, 1 CB, 1 FS.
  5. Gettleman doing a fantastic job, Giants going into the draft with no obvious weaknesses.
  6. dont be such a size queen, I felt the same way as you before watching him, he looks like a more polished Jonah Wiliams. Slater can absolutely play left tackle, or any other position on the offensive line for that matter. You're getting like a 5 in 1 OLmen,
  7. they just are stupid, this is a team that refused the Ricky Williams trade to take Akili Smith
  8. Bengals already have Reiff and Jonah Williams, taking Slater that high just some seems like a reach to me, they can probably get someone like Eichenberg or Mayfield in the second round if they want OT depth.
  9. I follow the Bengals and the WFT as a fan Im not happy with Higgins as the #1. I would want Ja'Marr Chase, if Sewell is not there. If Sewell is off the board, I dont think the Bengals would trade down with the Panthers, without atleast a future first or 2nd rounder this year and I dont think the Panthers would trade that.
  10. Detroit and the Bengals could go WR. The Bengals dont have a legit WR1
  11. Well the Giants could go Darrisaw or Cosmi and move them to RT, but they have Pert. I dont think an edge there makes sense, a CB doesn't make sense. I think Waddle or Smith depending on which falls would be the pick.
  12. Why would the Panthers trade up? Unless NE or Denver are eyeing QBs, which I dont see either trading up to warrant Carolina getting scared.
  13. Didn't you just say the Giants wouldnt take Smith because of Golloday, doesn't that apply to Waddle too? And I think 8 is supposed to be the Bengals.
  14. The Giants dont have a lot of weaknesses, not sure what they will do. Their fan base seemed pretty conflicted between Slater and Smith when I asked them about it.
  15. You know I meant say Slater not Sewell. They could go Pitts and then take Bateman at 18.
  16. eagles need some OL. Brooks and Johnson are both very expensive and passed 30.
  17. Im expecting the Falcons to take Sewell and the Bengals to take Chase, maybe long gone was a poor choice of words, but what difference does it make? 1 pick or 100 it doesn't matter the player is gone.
  18. Worst case scenario the draft goes like this: 1. Lawrence 2. Wilson 3. Fields 4. Sewell 5. Chase 6. Pitts 7. Waddle 8. Lance 9. Parsons 10. Surtain 11. Smith Still got a lot of options there, I would go with Slater.
  19. Ja'Marr Chase is gonna be long gone by 6, and turning down two first round picks for a TE that essentially announces you're going to pass would be foolish. Mark my words- One of Devonta Smith or Waddle will be there at 12, which the Eagles would probably be considering anyway, then essentially you picked up a first round pick for nothing.
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