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  1. Whatever the #### it cost me to get my team back. I got it....now. I want my team back.
  2. Can I buy my team back? Or pay what I owe or whatever?
  3. I heard your all time favorite song is "Lump" by TPotUS. I read it in a "Rolling Stone" article about bacteria in animal feces. Weird, huh?

  4. One of the greatest the FFA has ever seen.

  5. You have no idea.

  6. Must have been one helluva summer.

  7. Single and back like a motherscratcher. Gettin my mojo up! the summmer of Fin!!!

  8. We're cool. Would you mind taking care of Jayrod? Just like last time, $8K.

  9. are we still cool?

  10. Tell Shanny I said 'sup.

  11. What in holy hell is this?

  12. A while back I sent you a photo of my girl in s black thong laying inside a tent. I can't find the photo. Would love to get a copy.

  13. Blouses.

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