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  1. I’m a single dad, have my 5 year old son 50% of the time. About a year ago, my son started asking to sleep in my bed, and I let him most of the time. That lasted about 2 or 3 months. Mainly because I ended up having to wash the sheets like every other day. I wasn’t going to sleep with some chick one night, and then have him sleep on the same sheets the next night. Plus he wet the bed a couple times, so I had to put an end to it.
  2. Anyone looking for an Xbox? I have an extra Xbox Series S bundle if anyone wants it. Not looking to make any money off of it, selling it at cost. Bundle includes: Xbox Series S Console Extra Controller Minecraft Dungeons: Hero Edition Game Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 3 Month Membership $420 plus shipping. I bought it because I knew a couple friends were looking for an Xbox, but didn’t realize they only wanted a series X. I’ll probably throw it on eBay in a couple days if no one here wants it.
  3. Agree 100%. Out of habit, when I die I go to grab my phone to look at Twitter or something while it loads. Now the game is back on before my phone is even in my hand.
  4. I was buckling my 5 year old son into his car seat earlier and he said, “My pee pee is really long, so be careful!” 🤣
  5. Currently 28 points under the cut. Not dead, but don’t love my chances. Tomorrow I have: Brady (currently have 10 points at QB) Gronk (0 at TE) Bucs D (5 at D)
  6. I haven’t finished a week within 20 points of the cut line all season, but it’s not looking great for me right now. Currently 16 below the cut line.
  7. I bought a Palisade in August and absolutely love it. Couldn’t be happier with it.
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