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  1. This definitely isn’t the case anymore. At least it wasn’t last Saturday. I go to Disney 1 or 2 times every year, and I’ve never seen Disney as crowded as Universal was. Maybe it was just because it was Columbus, Indigeneous whatever weekend, but the crowd was insane. Could barely walk (especially the Harry Potter areas) and some of the Express lines were close to an hour wait. This was my first time at Universal in about 8 years, and I have no desire to go back again now.
  2. The only thing offensive here is the OP actually sending this to HR. Wow…
  3. A few months ago I bought a Tempur Pedic soft Lux Adapt (Cal-King). It was comfortable, but firmer than I prefer. It was “fine”, but I didn’t love it. And at over $4k, I had to love it to justify the cost. I just returned it before the 90 trial period was up. Was hoping it would get softer as i broke it in, but it never did. I just ordered a plush Nest Alexander Signature Hybrid. Will post an update when it gets here.
  4. New season started tonight. The seashell is 100% Bette Midler.
  5. I’m a single dad, have my 5 year old son 50% of the time. About a year ago, my son started asking to sleep in my bed, and I let him most of the time. That lasted about 2 or 3 months. Mainly because I ended up having to wash the sheets like every other day. I wasn’t going to sleep with some chick one night, and then have him sleep on the same sheets the next night. Plus he wet the bed a couple times, so I had to put an end to it.
  6. Anyone looking for an Xbox? I have an extra Xbox Series S bundle if anyone wants it. Not looking to make any money off of it, selling it at cost. Bundle includes: Xbox Series S Console Extra Controller Minecraft Dungeons: Hero Edition Game Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 3 Month Membership $420 plus shipping. I bought it because I knew a couple friends were looking for an Xbox, but didn’t realize they only wanted a series X. I’ll probably throw it on eBay in a couple days if no one here wants it.
  7. Agree 100%. Out of habit, when I die I go to grab my phone to look at Twitter or something while it loads. Now the game is back on before my phone is even in my hand.
  8. I was buckling my 5 year old son into his car seat earlier and he said, “My pee pee is really long, so be careful!” 🤣
  9. Currently 28 points under the cut. Not dead, but don’t love my chances. Tomorrow I have: Brady (currently have 10 points at QB) Gronk (0 at TE) Bucs D (5 at D)
  10. I haven’t finished a week within 20 points of the cut line all season, but it’s not looking great for me right now. Currently 16 below the cut line.
  11. I bought a Palisade in August and absolutely love it. Couldn’t be happier with it.
  12. What’s “cavy plus 100”? This normal NL game? Regular $20 buy in?
  13. Think Miami wants to get the ball in this guys hands? Wow.
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