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  1. https://nflcombineresults.com/playerpage.php?i=25251 https://relativeathleticscores.com/2020/01/18/ricky-watters-ras/ Are these combine stats incorrect?
  2. Not worried at all. Jacksonville was dead last in rushing attempts in the NFL last year. That's most likely not gonna happen again with Trevor at QB. Their passing Y/A was only 5.6. Jacksonville clearly saw him as a workhorse when he got 70% of their carries.
  3. James Robinson is a FA in 2023. Maybe he's the new "Ricky Watters". 😐
  4. Wouldn't be the first time a RB drafted in the 1st completely busted. David Wilson/R Penny/Jahvid Best/Benson? Wanna go back to the Bears when they drafted Cedric Benson in the 1st when they had a 1000 yd rusher in Thomas Jones the yr before? or when the Bengals had Rudi Johnson (957 yds/4.5 y/c the yr before) and they drafted Chris Perry in the 1st? I've seen instances where a RB stats like Travis Henry decline the yr a RB like Kevin Jones got drafted. But there is no way in hell James Robinson will be replaced if he maintains that 4.5 yd/car. Very rarely does a
  5. I think ETN is just a backup just in case JR doesn't go Ben Tate/Tre Mason his 2nd yr. I don't see how can you bench him if he keeps his 4.5+ yd/car avg.
  6. Salvon Ahmed is in his last year..while Gaskin has one more yr after this hmm because he was signed to the 4 yr contract.
  7. I really think Devonta is the pick at #6.
  8. Running a 4.60 killed his stock. RBs that light and that slow are rarely successful in the NFL.
  9. Big difference between those RBs and James Robinson. JR still has 2 yrs left on his contract..and CJ anderson had only like a 4.0 yd avg. IMO, I think ETN is just a fall back option just in case James Robinson falls below a 4.0 yd avg.
  10. The Bengals gotta take Samuel Cosmi if he's there.
  11. Could be a Marion Barber/Felix Jones situation when Barber was a 1000 yd RB and the Cowboys drafted Felix Jones.
  12. How did I do? Gave AJ Dillon, Irv Smith, Eric Kendricks, 2 x 2021 5th rd draft picks for James Robinson, 2 x 2021 6th rd draft picks, 2 x 2022 6th rd draft picks, 2 x 2023 6thh rd draft picks
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