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  1. if you wanna go safe...but, isn't a RB like Jonathan Taylor valued more?
  2. Is it worrisome that he only topped 150 carries per season in college? RBs like those are usually stuck in RBBC situations in the NFL....you know the Michaels/Harris' and the only rare ones I can find are Kamara/Jacobs. Does NC have a really good Oline? because Michael Carter is producing similar number if not better.
  3. Got any draft profiles on Jermar Jefferson?
  4. I think I would only want Pitts on the Patriots/Bears/Jets/Colts/Bills.
  5. There are concerns with Pitts. Is he gonna play at 240? Jordan Reed/Evan Engram who play at 235-240 arent the elite types. Needs to be 250-255 the minimum. Team destination matters also. When Gronk was drafted, he had an elite QB. Kittle didn't have a 1000 yd WR on the team. The same with Gonzalez. No 1000 yd receiver. Also. Pitts will need to run faster than a 4.55.
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