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  1. A few Supreme Court Justices believe he had a point about the election (Thomas, Alito and Gorsuch). For example in PA, Justice Thomas wanted to review the fact that the PA Supreme Court changed an election deadline which rests solely in the Legislature's power. The a majority of the other Justices found it moot since it didn't change the outcome, but the fraud in the manner of the voting regulation change is obvious. He cites an example of what happens when the Legislature doesn't control the voting rules, "A different petition argues that after election day the Pennsylvania Supreme Co
  2. I don't think they should pay off student loan debt, but I'm not going to cry if they do. Only 14 years left to pay mine off.
  3. I can't image driving a pre-2010 car. Does it even have bluetooth?
  4. If there is someone they love, they'll go QB. Otherwise, I agree. They should give Hurts at least next season to see what he can do. I don't think he's the answer, but, they need to build the team around the QB first.
  5. Don't see it. They still need to make more cuts to get under the cap. Ertz and Malik Jackson are going to be cut or traded. Rumors are Kelce is getting cut too. Sounds like the Eagles are blowing it up. Anyone over 30 is trade/cut bait.
  6. Either way, think about it. Wentz was in his 5th year in the same system, with the same head coach and getting first team reps over the course of his career. Hurts was in his first year in the system with, COVID limited offseason, getting second team reps and was AT WORST, statistically equal to Wentz. Hurts wasn't great, but at least he has room to grow. What's Wentz's excuse? Roseman should identify the top QB available in the next two drafts (sans Lawrence since he probably has zero chance to get him) and position this team to be able to select that player. The Birds are going t
  7. Yes. And then he tore his ACL, broke his back and had a concussion. Injuries adds up. We saw the same thing with McNabb.
  8. Hurts had a better: QBR, Y/A, AY/A, NY/A, ANY/A, higher TD%, Y/R. Wentz was better in categories like Comp%, Int% and Sack%. Nearly every passing statistic, Hurts was better. I don't really like Hurts all too much, but Wentz was horrible last season.
  9. Carson Wentz will be 29 this season, Lamar Jackson is only 23. In fact, Jackson is younger than Wentz was his rookie season. Not even the same ballpark in development.
  10. Meh. Wentz was statistically worse across the board to Jalen Hurts last year with the same exact team. His decision-making was horrendous. He held onto the ball way too long which led to a lot of those sacks. Over the years his accumulated injuries have turned him into a shell of his 2017 self. He's lost a lot of the escapability he had. I wish him the best, maybe Frank Reich can fix him, but he's physically (and maybe mentally) not the same player he used to be.
  11. Not concerned, Hurts seems more like a placeholder to me. The Eagles have so many holes and have to get rid of multiple veteran players just to get under the cap that this team that they will be mediocre to really, really bad next season regardless of who the QB is. Maybe they take a QB this year, or maybe they like one in next years crop, I see them drafting high in next years draft too (like top 5).
  12. Yeah, I think Wentz's signing ($9.8M) and option bonuses ($24) get accelerated into this year. After that, we're off the hook for the rest of the contract.
  13. And my ST prices went up again. The Eagles are going to suck big time for 2 or 3 years. They have huge cap issues, and major holes just about everywhere. Where they don't have holes, they have aging vets. Yet, Teflon Howie still has a job.
  14. My guess is the dead cap is going to be way to prohibitive for the Eagles to trade Wentz. In a perfect world, they'd try to rehabilitate him and revisit trading him next offseason if that's the direction they want to go.
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