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  1. Saw a report today that the Blazers were offering CJ McCollum, Robert Covington and multiple picks. Don't know how true, but that is a solid return.
  2. And yet here in America, we are firing our nurses and healthcare workers. Glad I don't live in Canada.
  3. The problem with your argument is that the migrants have contact with Americans, who have contact with other Americans, who have...
  4. A person vaccination status is irrelevant. If you are scared get vaccinated. If you are elderly get vaccinated. If you have some comorbidity get vaccinated. 100% US vaccinations is pointless to try to attain before going back to normal since we have too much contact from people of other countries most of which don't have access to the vaccine. We can go through the circular arguments all day. Me: Just go back to normal now. Another persons vaccination status is irrelevant. moops: We can't because we don't have 100% vaccinations. The unvaccinated are causing increases in hospitalizations, variants and breakthrough cases. Me: But hundreds of thousands of people are crossing the border every month, most of whom most likely aren't vaccinated. Haiti has a 1% vaccination rate. Mexico is 32%. If you're lucky, 2 out of 10 of the millions of border crossers since February have not been vaccinated. If they come into contact with someone, then they have the potential to spread COVID. moops: The border crossers don't matter if the people are vaccinated. Me: Then, just go back to normal now since another persons vaccination status is irrelevant. moops: We can't because we don't have 100% vaccinations. Rinse and repeat.
  5. Every State is an at-will State (except I think Montana). But firing "for cause" and just terminating employment are different.
  6. A short yardage back and they could've won this game easily. Why exactly is Boston Scott on this roster?
  7. There is a nationwide nursing shortage right now. Are hospitals really overrun if they are willing to fire nurses?
  8. Lawyer: Please provide me with the employee handbook the you distributed to your employee where said employee acknowledged receipt and review of the handbook. Please point out in the employee handbook where a COVID vaccine was a condition of employment. Otherwise, this isn't a termination for cause and the employee is now eligible to file for unemployment. I actually won an unemployment case where an employer tried to use a recent employee handbook and when they couldn't produce a signed copy of the handbook for the former employee, they had to use the policy they had in place 20 years prior when they had a signed acknowledgement.
  9. Actually it's more like saying if everyone in America gets an electric car we will totally reverse climate change without considering that every other country drives gas and diesel cars.
  10. Not sure what you're saying then. We know that the vaccinated people can get the virus, transmit the virus and die from the virus. The vaccine isn't currently available for children. What exactly do you mean that people will be fine if they have the vaccine. How could they be fine if an unvaccinated migrant crosses the border and has a variant that is vaccine resistant? Is that with the 4th booster or the 5th? The 100% vaccine status is bunk, unless it's a 100% worldwide status. But since we are within walking distance of a third world country, we'll never have a 100% vaccination status because people will continue to walk across the border.
  11. So then what you're saying is someone's vaccination status is irrelevant to someone who's vaccinated?
  12. In my area, there is a shortage of bus drivers so the school district is now paying me to drive my kids to school. My wages just went up $3000 this year.
  13. Yeah, well, 100,000+ would cover that amount. LOL. Just one of those gives some vaccine resistant strain to a border guard. That guard gives it to his wife. She gives it to the students in her school. They all give it to their families. But, 100% vaccinations was supposed to be the answer. It's not.
  14. You need 100% worldwide vaccination status. That isn't going to happen EVER. Currently, we have 100,000+ border crossers each month and that is only the people we catch. We would also need to ban any foreign travelers who aren't vaccinated from entering the US. 100% vaccination status is a liberal red herring that will never happen. Next the goalposts will shift to booster shots. I said it before, I'll say it again. COVID is here to stay. If you live long enough, you'll get it. It won't be eradicated. You're going to get it, even with the vaccine. ETA: Yes we're back to the Sweden thing. They haven't had 10 deaths in a day since early June 4 and their hospitalization rate is at 80% of what it was during the worst infection period.
  15. I've spend years litigating the pharmaceutical industry. Let's just say, I very rarely take medicine for anything.
  16. No, there are cases of the mu variant in the US. If we would have done what Sweden did, we would have never left normal and would be in a much better position today. More mandates isn't the solution. 100% vaccination isn't the solution.
  17. So your position is that only a neo-Nazi would protest the removal of statue? Yeah, don't think that statement would be accurate.
  18. Except that is the out of context interpretation that is indicative of the TDS that is rampant on these boards. Early in the interview he condemned neo-Nazis and said that not everyone there was a neo-Nazis but were people there to protest the taking down of a Robert E. Lee statue.
  19. Children aren't employed by the schools, teacher are. Teachers contracts are collectively bargained for. Part of that bargaining includes vaccination status. Locally, our teacher unions wanted vaccine mandates included in their contract, if they didn't it wouldn't be required. The CBA between teachers and schools is the controlling document, that is well settled law.
  20. We do, the relevant portions of the transcript can be found (probably in this thread). It's been discussed ad nauseum here and was shown that he did not call bigots or racists fine people. This one has been beaten to death and the people who continue to push this false narrative most likely haven't read the transcript or don't have basic reading comprehension skills. It's tiring to continue to hear people keep pushing this garbage.
  21. The hospitals receive federal funding. My wife's hospital also is the largest Medicaid hospital in the City so they receive a ton of State funding as well.
  22. A person's vaccination status has no effect on the type of care they can give a patient. Most of the workers in my wife's ER already had COVID from the early days of treating patients with it so they have already have built up antibodies.
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