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  1. Currently following a crude "how to" manual to run 363 different time series forecasts on a computer in an office that I never set foot in from a remote connection at home. 2020 is neat.
  2. Didn't realize you were in this situation. Thinking good thoughts for you. I won't tell you how long I went between gigs.
  3. Fort De Soto Park is just amazing in general. We actually briefly entertained the idea of retiring to Tierra Verde, but then we realized two issues with that plan: (1) rising sea levels, and (2) we'd live in Florida.
  4. My wife and I have gone kayaking at Fort De Soto Park south of St. Pete Beach a couple of times. Saw manatees both times. One of them tried to mate with our kayak on one of the outings, which was a little alarming.
  5. Just found out that our beloved German Shepherd has a very bad cancer. His prognosis is quite poor. We are just gutted.
  6. Still struggling to get back in the workout mode. It's funny a couple months ago I used to get really agitated if I didn't go to the gym for at least an hour every day. Now I can't even be bothered to walk down the hall and swing a kettlebell around for half an hour. But I am back on a serious low carb diet. For whatever reason, I find being extremely strict much easier to manage than "use your best judgement". Have already dropped from just under 177 to just under 173.
  7. Took our German Shepherd to the vet yesterday afternoon because he seemed to be in real pain, presumably from a gimpy rear leg and he ended up needing emergency surgery for internal bleeding/ruptured spleen. He made it through the surgery. Apparently his spleen was covered in nodules/tumors. We'll know the results of the biopsy in about five days, but he seems to be out of danger in the near term. I never even hesitated, but the surgery plus stay at an overnight emergency vet hospital was incredibly expensive. Like it would have chewed through our entire annual family deductible on our he
  8. Getting serious about diet again today. After dropping 25 pounds in about four months, I have managed to put about 13 of them back on over the last 6-7 weeks. I really miss going to the gym. We have an exercise room/yoga studio set up here, but I don't get fired up to work out like I did about going the gym. Gotta change that attitude, I guess.
  9. One hour into my new job and neither my manager nor my recruiter can figure out how to get me going with their "virtual onboarding" process. This is like the highest tech company on Earth too.
  10. Binged on just about everything for a week and a half. Weight up from a low of just under 164 to about 172. I want to maintain at about 167. Back on strict very low carb diet starting today.
  11. Hi. I am back from the virtual gulag. I have been a frequent visitor lately, due to my penchant for telling the truth. Or maybe because I still visit the Political Forum and tell the truth there. But, I digress. Got some genuine good news. I received and accepted an offer from a large internet retailer named after a river/jungle over the past week. My start date is a week from Monday. The job sounds well-suited to my skill set and relatively interesting. One of the advantages to this employer is that if I do the job for a while and find another internal role I am more interested in, mov
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