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  1. Yeah, that 0.4% on net worth (excluding directly held real estate) over $30MM is terrifying.
  2. I can't possibly participate in this because of an insane work schedule for the next several weeks, but I appreciate the invite.
  3. Howdy. Been released from the virtual gulag. Not sure how long I will stick around. I think after 15 years or so I am gonna call it quits for good. But I have so many friends here, both virtual and IRL, that it's hard to do.
  4. The training people that get hired to teach cops to be warriors. And I meant clan in the sense of tribalism. Perhaps the choice of words wasn't ideal.
  5. When cops are taught that they are "warriors" and that getting home safely and helping other members of their clan do the same thing is more important than anything else, perception of threat is all that matters. Besides, police don't ever decide who is guilty and who is innocent. They deal in "suspects", "subjects", "persons of interest", and increasingly "threats".
  6. They basically are. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/melissasegura/police-unions-history-minneapolis-reform-george-floyd
  7. Your "argument" was a joke from the start.
  8. Nobody. The fact he chose those words says a lot about his actual motivation here.
  9. I don't see too many people (or anybody) who defends looters, so that seems like quite the staw man. There will be a massive spike in Coronavirus cases in a few weeks. It's a real concern.
  10. I love you all, but think I am going to tap out at an even 40 rounds. I will probably still hang around a bit and continue to depress the signal to noise ratio (it is what I do best), but I don't need to keep picking albums.
  11. In Washington there is a place that is part of the North American mainland that is only accessible over land via Canada.
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