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  1. I spend most of my time like that. I have two picks that are pretty close together, then an interminable wait until my next pick.
  2. Thanks man. Same to you. Just "celebrated" it, while sheltering in place. We had previously been planning to meet a few other couples at a local "Norse beer hall" and then to have dinner at a Mexican steakhouse (they are just blocks apart; Ballard is awesome). It was an evening perfectly tuned to my tastes. Then we were going to actually go to Mexico this month, for a joint birthday/anniversary celebration. Of course none of that happened.
  3. While the draft Spotify playlist is neat and I have definitely been exposed to some new stuff I like/love via the draft (thanks Krista and Mr. Krista!), I have found that this draft has really sent me down the rabbit hole of my own peculiar tastes, more than anything. That happening to anybody else?
  4. At the risk of spotlighting, there is a semi-popular college radio type alternative band (well, it was semi-popular in the late-80s or early 90s maybe) that is named after a road along the outskirts of Olympia. The very prominent exit sign on I-5 is the most mainstream publicity that band ever got.
  5. Shuffle sesh Back to Black - Amy Winehouse. 10+. I would rate this a 50 on a scale of 1-10, if I was that kind of (innumerate) person. Look Sharp! - Joe Jackson. 4. Just not a fan of Mr. Jackson's work. (First listen) The Real Me - The Who. 7. Not among my top Who songs, but it is still solid. Where Do the Children Play - Yusuf/Cat Stevens. 5. I kept waiting for it to build into something. I guess it did, but not as much as I hoped. (First listen) The Harder They Come - Jimmy Cliff. 9.5. So great. You Never Give Me Your Money - the Beatles. 6. It's fine. Biko (Live) - Peter Gabriel. 10. I've never heard the live version before. I was prepared to ding it slightly versus the studio version, but I ended up doing the reverse. Via Chicago - Wilco. 7.5. Wow, never heard this. The folky/alt-country vibe plus noise and reverb is pretty great. (First listen) Why Does Love Got to be So Sad - Derek & the Dominos. 7. Digging this a bit. The guy playing the guitar seems good. (First listen) You've Got to Hide Your Love - the Beatles. 7. I am not really a Beatles person. But this is a good one. Olympia, WA - Rancid. 8. "Ace is the place with the helpful hardware man." So Says I - The Shins. 7.5. James Mercer's voice is always great. And these guys write some tight songs. (First listen)
  6. Here is an example of some of my less well-considered eclecticism at the time. Spoiler used to avoid spotlighting.
  7. Thanks for the clarification! I thought that is what was decided. Would somebody with editing privileges please change the date for my 4.06 pick from 2014 to 1991?
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