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  1. In my early twenties I went through a period where I was very determined to have interesting taste in music. What a dork I was. But I did discover some stuff with staying power, along with a lot of crap.
  2. R10.06 Two Steps from the Blues – Bobby Blue Bland (1961) I am not really sure how I found this album. I recall it was in about 1994, right before I was going to move to Austin for graduate school. I am far from a Blues or R&B aficionado, but I love this album, I know it was extremely well-regarded in its time, and has been ranked highly retrospectively as well. I can't imagine being on a desert island without some blues. So selecting it here is both a fine choice for me personally and in terms of VBD. Picking just two songs is tough, there isn’t a bad one on the album. Songs: Don’t Cry No More I Pity the Fool
  3. This is the way I look at it. For instance, the live Pogues album that features Joe Strummer was released 12 years after Joe died and about 25-30 years after most of the music was originally released.
  4. What was the final determination on how to handle live album dates? It seems to me that if the recording date and the release date are close together, it doesn't matter. But if they are decades apart, are we going with the recording date?
  5. Fun fact: In late 70s London Killing Joke shared a Notting Hill rehearsal space with the Clash and Motorhead. This was well before it was a Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts approved neighborhood, needless to say.
  6. I already have some stuff that rocks on my island, but sometimes merely rocking isn’t enough and you need some sonic napalm: Killing Joke (2003) – Killing Joke This is the second of Killing Joke’s self-titled albums. This is a bit of a concept album—the band was even angrier and more disillusioned than usual during this time period, thanks to the invasion of Iraq. Killing Joke’s sound evolved a lot over the years. Their sound has spanned punk, post-punk, and early industrial. They’ve sort of drifted in and out of metal. The overall sound is intense, aggressive, and tribal, but most of the tracks are still fairly accessible. I love it, even though I am not really a metal person. It is also worth noting that the drummer on this album is none other than Dave Grohl. The two songs I picked are at the opposite ends of the spectrum of the album. The first one is sort of what the End Times would sound like in song form (and I anticipate some listeners may hit skip on shuffle play), while the second is more anthemic and a bit…hopeful. Worth noting that eight of the ten tracks clock at over five minutes—this album will wear you out, but in a good way. Songs: The Death & Resurrection Show You’ll Never Get to Me
  7. Elvis was a hero to most But he never meant s*** to me you see Straight up racist that sucker was Simple and plain Mother f*** him and John Wayne
  8. I am sure there are music snobs/white boy ska haters who will look down their nose at this, but this is a great selection.
  9. Shuffle results: Is She Really Going Out with Him (Joe Jackson) - 5.5. It's fine, but never was a favorite. Holidays in the Sun (Sex Pistols) - 9. Not everybody's cup of tea, but it's definitely mine. One Big Holiday (My Morning Jacket) - 7. Never heard this before, but I like it pretty well. Gentle Moon (Sun Kil Moon) - 7.5. Ditto above, but I like it even a little more. Cities (Talking Heads) - 6. Never heard this before. I don't hate it. Bell Bottom Blues (Derek & the Dominoes) - 8. Great classic tune. Jack the Stripper/Fairies Wear Boots (Black Sabbath) - 6.5. Solid tune(s?) but my goodness is it long. Closing in on Iron Butterfly territory here. Sweet Child O' Mine (Guns 'n' Roses) - 9.5. Can't think of a better power ballad, ever. Debaser (Pixies) - 6.5. Love the feedback and the song; vocals are a bit grating. Magic Man (Heart) - 4. Not a fan. Heart is literally from my hometown (though we went to different high schools), but I just don't like this one.
  10. I was also considering an older album that I almost drafted two rounds ago. I think it is unbelievable that not a single album from this band has been drafted yet, but I guess rock flute and jam-band noodling is more a priority for some folks.
  11. I was having some real indecision because it will be like two days before I pick again.Trying to balance old favorites that I haven't listened to a lot lately, with some albums that have won my affections more recently is tough. R08.?? Plastic Beach – Gorillaz (2010) I am not sure how to express how much I love this album. Since it is Gorillaz, it is a wonderful mash-up of styles and influences, with tons of notable guest appearances. It is eclectic AF and features so many surprises and layers that I just never get tired of it. The first song I selected is a collaboration with Little Dragon, a Swedish electronic band with an unbelievable Swedish-Japanese vocalist (Yukimi Nagano). I hope some of you love this song as much as I do. I think it is Damon Albarn's best work ever. The second song just has a good groove and has guest appearances from a couple of guys from the only band that matters. Songs: Empire Ants Plastic Beach
  12. Fred Brown once scored over 60, before the three point line. It would have been closer to 80 in the modern game.
  13. R07.xx The Chronic – Dr. Dre (1992) Hip hop value is there for the taking because this group skews white and middle-aged just a touch. Sure, there are a lot of naughty lyrics on The Chronic and the misogyny in some of the songs, which was discomfiting at the time, hasn’t gotten better with age, but this whole disc is amazing. Dre is the greatest rap producer ever and he also had an eye for talent: this album is Snoop Dogg’s coming out party as a guest artist. The P-Funk loops are groovin’ and the entire sound is just luscious. Songs: Let Me Ride Stranded on Death Row
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