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  1. I am right in the middle of the demographic distribution, I think, and the 90s are one of my favorite musical decades, along with the 80s.
  2. He is a super funny guy. He grew up on a sheep station in the bush and definitely plays up his Aussie accent and likes to use odd idioms that smack of Crocodile Dundee. Even his wife, who is also an Aussie, regularly asks him "what the Hell are you talking about"?
  3. About to get on a conference call. I have my pick teed up on my personal machine, but I won’t be near it for about an hour.
  4. I have an Australian buddy who lives in Melbourne and he has a running shtick of sending me news stories about terrifying Australian bugs, animals, snakes, etc.. I want to visit him, but I'm a skeered to.
  5. That's a big ole island too. With nobody else on the island you'll have to learn to make your own Nanaimo bars and cucumber sandwiches though.
  6. Really an insane value pick at the end of Rnd4. And I loved the Joshua Tree, but I just prefer this album now. Twenty five years ago, probably not.
  7. No, every few years I change my location to a different ridiculously named place. I moved to Punkeydoodles Corners from Burrumbuttock, NSW. It's lame shtick, but it's my lame shtick.
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