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  1. Were they tourists?I counted when I went food shopping at the supermarket in Staten Island. So no, none of them were tourists.Staten Island?
  2. LinkI've put a lot of the suggestions from this thread and other NYC threads into the site and also found links to the different sites. I'm heading myself there next Friday and will be going to a lot of the places mentioned there. Cool. Thanks.It's actually pretty odd that I have been to NYC enough to feel really comfortable there and familiar with it, but I still don't really know where anything is and haven't done much fun stuff. And I have never been to any of the outer burroughs, other than passing through (Queens? Brooklyn?) on the way to LGA.
  3. I have been to New York probably fifty times or so for work over the past 10 years. I almost always enjoy the trips, but I also almost never get a chance to do anything cool at all, beyond meeting a friend for dinner and/or drinks. I have never been in Central Park, for instance. About the only cool thing I have ever done is go to the observation deck at the top of the WTC (after I interviewed basically next door, guess that worked out okay). Finally, I am coming out for a weekend in about a month for a buddy's wedding. I am bringing my wife (but no kids) and she has never been there before. Her brother and sister in law live in Chelsea (they are of the hipster set), so I am sure they will have lots of stuff planned for us to do. Any suggestions of things that we absolutely must do?
  4. No, not yet. It's another great one though.Rank the seasons for me so I can see where four might stack up. To me it's 3, 1, 2 but I think most people liked 2 more than one.For me, seasons 1 ,3, & 4 are a virtual dead heat, with season #2 lagging behind. But not by much.If I had to force rank them, I'd probably go: 1, 4, 3, 2.
  5. That has me but the Wire has given me a tremendous amount of faith in these writers' ability so I'm anxious to see this.There was an article I read on the Hawitha(sp?) Damn that was just fascinating. The wayyyy outnumberred soldiers stopping the Iraqis from blowing up that damn and flooding+all. Someone bought the rights to that story(can't recall who) and then.....well it's been years, WTF? I feel almost cheated here. Forgive me if I mis-state the numbers but it was in the ballpark of 25 Americans vs 500-1000 Iraqis.Eh well anyway I hope this one Fiddles posted comes thru and we really do see this miniseriesI have read Generation Kill and I am not sure about how the "confronting the military bureaucracy" part relates to the source material. But Generation Kill was a good book about some compelling events and Simon, et al. are masters of writing realism. I will definitely be watching.
  6. It's a complicated show, with complicated dialogue. And to get into it really requires watching many episodes, as the story arcs go on for a long time, cover whole seasons, etc...I think these things hurt it w/r/t ratings but make it the quality of show that it is.Totally agree. I think those same issues played a role in why the general public never really embraced Arrested Development, despite all the critical praise and awards.Both are shows that are best appreciated if you watch from the very beginning and actually pay attention. It also helps if you have a modicum of intelligence. For many folks, that is just too much to ask.
  7. Best show on TV ever. The only drama that is even in the same league is Band of Brothers, and that was a mini-series. The quality of the characters, dialogue and story over 4+ seasons is amazing. By comparison, the Sopranos is completely overhyped dreck. I still watch it and enjoy it, because it is still better than most things on TV, but there is no question that it has slipped. And the Wire's Season 1, 3 and 4 were all better than the Sopranos has ever been. I can't say enough about it. Most others who have watched it (and paid attention) agree, but apparently there aren't very many people who give it a fair shake, because it gets pretty crappy ratings...even for HBO. Thankfully HBO has made a bet on quality and hasn't given up on the show.
  8. Funny, because the Wire has essentially ruined the Sopranos for me. It is still a good show, but I think the Wire is so much better in every dimension (story, characters, acting) that it isn't really that close.
  9. I havent heard of anything but I can tell you that I have cooked 65 pounds of Boston Butt at 250 degrees for 16 hours while it was 5 below outside in my big green egg and didnt have to add any charcoal during the entire cook. Thats how well the egg retains the heat.What size Big green egg do you have that will fit 65 pounds (about 8 Boston Butts) on the grill?JHe has got an XL. He already said that, I think.BTW, when I said BGE owners were invested in them, I meant emotionally.
  10. I just got mine and haven't used it yet, but I agree with you. It seems like every BGE owner is doing an infomercial. They all seem to genuinely love them, but I can't help but feel a little like they are a little too invested in their choice of smoker/grill.I also have a big rig from Tejas Smokers and a Weber kettle, so I think I have the whole grill/barbecue thing pretty well covered.
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