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  1. The idea that you, a well known music nerd, have never heard "She Sells Sanctuary" is incredibly bizarre. So much so that it seems implausible.
  2. I get most of my caloric intake from animal fats and proteins (meat, dairy, eggs) along with a decent amount of vegetables.
  3. I thought the muse for Train in Vain was Paloma McLardy (Palmolive). Typical Girls is so freakin' good. I'll need to give the rest of it a try.
  4. Okay, hear me out. This band made some great music until they went completely off the rails with their fourth album. Of course, doing so brought them commercial success. It also gave us one of the most putrid songs of the 80s (Everybody Have Fun Tonight). 26.06 To Live & Die in LA (soundtrack) - Wang Chung (1985) Great movie with a great soundtrack. The album features one side of mostly new regular songs for the movie (though one track was plucked from an earlier album) and the second side is all instrumental/electronic original compositions that were part of the movie's scoring.
  5. I imagine I could probably draft this in the final round, or pick it up as an Undrafted Free Agent. But @otb_lifer's recent pick of the Cramps album got me hankering for some psychobilly. 25.35 Tiger Army – Tiger Army (1999) I discovered this band a couple years back and found they have a pretty large catalog and a devoted, if small, following. They play straight-forward three piece rockabilly with some very dark, creepy lyrical themes. All of their albums are pretty good, but their debut is my favorite. The songs I have chosen include one that is an absolute scorcher and a sec
  6. Lesli just made homemade sourdough pizza dough tonight which is going in the fridge for 48-72 hours. We will be dining on homemade pizza this weekend. Pineapple optional.
  7. I don't even pretend to actually know anything about music. I enjoy it, but I don't really understand it in any serious way. Reading a post like wikkid's reinforces how little I know. But that's okay--I like what I like.
  8. Two of my picks back to back. Everclear rocked a lot less on subsequent albums, which is why I picked this one and not those.
  9. I do like it pretty well. But Mick's musicianship and arranging skills are notably missing on it. The rest of the album is pretty much straight garbage.
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