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  1. 24.06 No. 10, Upping Street - Big Audio Dynamite (1986) I could write a lot about Big Audio Dynamite and this album, but I'll spare all of you from that. I have joked with @El Floppo that I might be B.A.D.'s number one fan. While meant as shtick, I am not sure how far off that is. I also consider several songs on this album to be the last real Clash songs after Combat Rock--Cut the Crap did not happen. Oh, and the video linked below for Sightsee M.C.! was directed by Jim Jarmusch. Songs: V. Thirteen Sightsee M.C.!
  2. 23.35 Love - The Cult (1985) Don't have time to write much, but this album was ahead of its time and I loved the Cult's sound before they veered towards more straight forward hard rock. Songs: She Sells Sanctuary Big Neon Glitter
  3. I totally forgot to draft an album for the last three rounds and am now sweating bullets and regretting some early picks that were more niche.
  4. Cool for Cats would have been in my Top 10 New Wave songs, or at least would have replaced "Do They Know it is Christmas?"
  5. If I'm not mistaken, Simey's pick of the John Prine album puts me in the chamber. 22.06 Out of the Black - Royal Blood (2014) A two-piece band featuring bass and drums. This is their debut album. The title track has the kind of raw sound and the spirit of early Soundgarden, IMO. Yeah, it's heavy. Songs: Out of the Black Little Monster
  6. 21.35 Midnight Special – Jimmy Smith (1961) I will be the first to admit I don’t know anything much about jazz. But I know this is amazing. I also know that in addition to Jimmy Smith on the organ, this album features Stanley Turrentine on sax. There are only five songs on the whole album, which runs at just 36 minutes. So the album is short, but the songs are long. Choosing is hard. Songs: Midnight Special (this one clocks at just under 10 minutes. Sorry, not sorry) Jumpin’ the Blues
  7. 20.06 Louder than Love - Soundgarden (1989) To me, this is the album and artist that really launched "grunge". It's got a rawer, grittier sound than the band's later releases. It also has one of my favorite song titles in the history of music in "Full On Kevin's Mom". Songs: Loud Love Hands All Over
  8. 19.35 Guero – Beck (2005) Compared to a lot of ya'll, I am not really an album person. I am more of a playlist person. And, if I am feeling crazy, a playlist on shuffle person. But this album is one that I have listened to probably into the hundreds of times, start to finish. It's a Beck album, so there are lots of zigs and zags stylistically. I don't absolutely adore every single song, but every song works, especially together. Both "E-Pro" and "Girl" were pretty big songs off this album, and I like them both, but I picked a couple other favorites for the playlist. Both of the songs I picked are multi-layered and textured in a way that is hard to fully appreciate unless you at least a little high. Songs: Missing Earthquake Weather ETA: I should mention Beck put out Guerolito the same year. It was alternative versions and remixes of all the same songs in the same order. It was a great idea, but it didn't work as well for me, because I found most of the remixes were just not as good, to my ear.
  9. I wasn’t trying to start a fight. I promise. i knew a handful of Kristas growing up and a bunch of the others. i certainly didn’t think that would be upsetting.
  10. Those are the direct variants. I also was referring to the related names, e.g. Kirsten, Kristin, etc.
  11. Your first name, and about a dozen variants, was super common when I was a kid. Right there with Jennifer.
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