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  1. My first and last names are super common. My middle name was my mom’s maiden name and is unusual for a middle name.
  2. Pretty sure the guy who put cyanide in those Tylenol bottles shared my name. He wins.
  3. This band sort of reminds me of the Smashing Pumpkins in that the debut LP was amazing and each successive album just went downhill from there. Opinions differ on that, of course, but that is my take. 18.06 Sparkle And Fade - Everclear (1995) I am unapologetically a huge fan of this album. It came out during the mid-90s punk rock revival and I think might be a little overlooked because Everclear's subsequent releases moved away from that sound and performed better on the charts. Santa Monica is the best known song off the album, and I like it fine, but Heroin Girl was the first Everclear song I heard and I was a fan from my first listen. That's one song for the playlist. The other is a little known song that I love for its melancholy sound, tender (if explicit) lyrics, and ample helpings of distortion. Songs: Heroin Girl My Sexual Life
  4. 17.35 Broken Hearts & Dirty Windows: The Songs of John Prine – Various Artists (2010) Tribute albums can be a mess, or they can be amazing. This one is the latter. And I could conceivably see selecting two other tribute albums over the remainder of this draft. I have no idea if this album is even on anybody else’s radar, but I would be broken hearted if I didn’t get it (get it?). I am embarrassed to admit that this album was my introduction to John Prine. I think he was a singer-songwriter with few peers. I would put him right next to Bob Dylan in that regard. And, like Dylan, his strength was really more the songwriter part than the singer part. This album has some wonderful versions of his work by a variety of artists, though it does skew toward the hipster alt-country types. It’s just great and picking two songs is almost impossible, but I guess I have to do it. Songs: Bruised Orange (Chain of Sorrow) – performed by Justin Vernon/Bon Iver Angel from Montgomery – performed by Old Crow Medicine Show
  5. Did a grilled/BBQ spatchcocked chicken last night. It came out great and I tried making Alabama White Sauce for it for the first time. The sauce was fine, I guess, but it just seemed like runny aioli to me. We ended up improvising and made “pink BBQ sauce” by mixing the white sauce with some bottled BBQ sauce. That was actually damn good.
  6. When I was waiting for your phone call The one that never came Like a man about to burst I was dying of thirst
  7. So we are at the point in the draft where I take a second album from a band I have already selected. I didn’t expect to do this, but I had no idea it would still be available. 16.05 Sandinista! - The Clash (1980) This was a triple (!!!) album that some regard as a masterpiece and some find a sprawling mess. It surely confused and disappointed many of the Clash’s punk rock fans because of how experimental and eclectic it was. It has been compared to the Beatles’ White Album in that regard. i love a lot of it and haven’t really given parts of it a fair shake yet. It has 36 songs, so that makes it a pretty interesting desert island grab bag. for the songs, I am picking one of its singles and one lesser known track that I absolutely love. Songs: Police on My Back The Street Parade
  8. It wouldn’t be fair for you to be involved. Doing Slap Shot trivia with a Canadian is like doing water trivia with a fish.
  9. Some additional Slap Shot trivia I didn't know: Ogie Ogelthorpe was portrayed by the brother of the film's writer and the movie was based on his experience playing for Johnstown (PA) Jets of the NAHL.
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