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  1. Of all the tragic and untimely deaths that I have seen in music and entertainment, this one was probably the most personally upsetting to me.
  2. I really can't believe this one is still available, as I considered taking it about six rounds ago. 15.35 Regatta de Blanc – The Police (1979) I was a huge Police fan starting in the mid-80s or so. I haven't listened to them much over the past decade, but this remains my favorite album, or close to tied for it with ____________. Not a ton to say here, other than I would say the sound of this record was pretty ahead of its time for something that came out in 1979. Another album where choosing songs is tough. Bed's too big without you Cold wind blows right through that open door I can't sleep with your memory Dreaming dreams of what used to be Songs: Bring on the Night The Bed's Too Big Without You
  3. That’s Front 242, I think. ETA: which sounds disturbingly like a Neo-Nazi terrorist group or something. But isn’t. replied to the wrong Nigel post. Thanks iPhone!
  4. I considered starting a thread on the best anthologies, collections and soundtracks albums that are not greatest hits albums as shtick, but didn't want to do @Eephus like that.
  5. There is another band that has a whole catalog of these, where the seal hasn't even been broken yet. I bet @rockaction could guess who I am talking about.
  6. So I am sitting on a whole pile of albums that I think are safe from being poached. So I am going to go with one that I think might be at risk, even if I haven't listened to it a lot recently. But I wore this out in the mid-90s and I am listening to it again right now and it is still just damn good. A Husker Du album and a Bob Mould solo album have been selected, so I don't think I can wait on this any longer. 14.06 Copper Blue - Sugar (1992) If you give me a combo of catchy (almost poppy) melodies, ample helpings of distortion and reverb, and potentially some dark lyrical content, then I am going to like the song or album. It is like an immutable law of physics. This one delivers on those things, bigly. There are ten songs on this album and I think nine of them are fantastic. Picking two is difficult, but here they are... Songs: A Good Idea (love the bass line intro on this one) Helpless
  7. Microclimates are a real thing. This past winter there was roughly an inch and a half of snow in downtown Redmond and nearly a foot at our house.
  8. I got an email about Monday being a holiday on Wednesday. And I was like, "oh, that's weird, I wonder what it is?" Oh. Memorial Day. Right. It doesn't help that the weather here has been...damp. Even for Seattle. Yesterday morning I noticed a giant banana slug on our front porch, a good sized snail on the garbage can, and a whole new crop of toadstools on the lawn. It's getting old.
  9. I'm really not trying to stigmatize people with herpes. I have friends who have it. Lots of people do and many more are asymptomatic carriers. But the whole story is incongruous with the image of the Presidents. My wife said all of this group of friends told that gal this guy was a skeevy, bad news, #####. She didn't listen and he gave her herpes.
  10. You can run all that stuff on the Google sheet. I have been doing filters and sorts on it right along. But I would put my spreadsheet nerd status up against @krista4's any day.
  11. I was just talking about this draft with my wife. After she got done rolling her eyes at me, we were talking about bands for a few minutes and she reminded me of something I had forgotten: the drummer from a Seattle band that has had an album drafted literally gave a friend of hers herpes. Not that amusing, really. Except for which band it was.
  12. Discussion topic: Which other draft participant is your Desert Island Disc doppleganger? For me, it seems like @Yo Mama is the closest to me in overall music tastes, with @MAC_32 running not too far behind.
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