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  1. Give me a few minutes. I am ruminating. I have like 8 selections all teed up but I am evaluating which are most likely to be sniped while I wait another 60+ selections for my next turn.
  2. London Calling The Bends Physical Graffitti Synchronicity The Red Headed Stranger Just missing the cut: Nevermind Pet Sounds
  3. Naw. You're good. They are both really good songs. I din't recognize the titles at first. I am just a huge fan of Siva and I am One.
  4. 11.35 I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got – Sinead O’Connor (1990) I just realized I don’t have a single female artist in my desert island stash so far. Time to rectify that. So that Prince song that she did on this album that became a big hit, you know the one…it’s about my fourth or fifth favorite song on this disc. Sinead’s voice is amazing and I have always dug her “F*** You” attitude. I am just a big fan, period. Songs: The Emperor’s New Clothes Black Boys on Mopeds @Bonzai
  5. I like both songs quite a lot, it's just there are three other songs on that album that I think are super elite upper tier.
  6. He is bending the hell out of it though, which is why I compared him to Belichik about a week ago. Except Eephus seems much more personable.
  7. I knew it. I could feel it coming. You sniped me. This was my next pick. I feel strongly that Gish is the Pumpkins best album, quite easily and by a decent margin. I don't know if it is because Butch Vig is a genius producer or because as time went by Corgan's ego became just too damn big, but each release after Gish got further from what I liked. Anyway, I listened to most of the album this AM in anticipation of picking it near the end of this round. Grrr.
  8. That post was from over a month ago and several of those albums are already off the board. I just really wanted to share White City Fighting with other music nerds.
  9. Been mentally going through old albums that I liked as a teenager and in my twenties. There was one that will definitely not make the cut overall, but it's best track is just such a hidden gem that I can't help but share it. I doubt this is on anybody's radar, but the song was written by two guys who separately contributed to about 10% of the Top several rounds of this draft. Non Spotlight Spotlight
  10. Pete Townsend put out a solo album in the mid-80s that was just okay overall, but this song (which was not one of the singles from the album) is more than okay: White City Fighting - Pete Townsend It turns out the song has a dual writing credit for David Gilmour and Pete Townsend and an interesting history:
  11. Currently following a crude "how to" manual to run 363 different time series forecasts on a computer in an office that I never set foot in from a remote connection at home. 2020 is neat.
  12. If I don't count missing out on some obvious classics near the very top of the draft, I haven't been sniped yet. But it is starting to feel like when I was playing Battleship as a kid and my opponent was starting to bracket me with shots. And my next pick is still 20+ picks out. 😟
  13. Didn't realize you were in this situation. Thinking good thoughts for you. I won't tell you how long I went between gigs.
  14. Fort De Soto Park is just amazing in general. We actually briefly entertained the idea of retiring to Tierra Verde, but then we realized two issues with that plan: (1) rising sea levels, and (2) we'd live in Florida.
  15. My wife and I have gone kayaking at Fort De Soto Park south of St. Pete Beach a couple of times. Saw manatees both times. One of them tried to mate with our kayak on one of the outings, which was a little alarming.
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