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  1. Gut reaction says that Andrews is a great value for a 10th.
  2. I am making cuts in one of my dynasty leagues that uses IDPs. I can only keep 3 of these guys and there is no cost to keep them. Which one would you cut? Frank Clark, JJ Watt, Leighton Vander Esch or Bobby Wagner? We start 2-DL, 3-LB. The league has 18-teams and points are scored for most measurable defensive stats in the game. Tackles, assists, sacks, forced fumbles and recoveries, passes defended, INTs, TDs and sacks. There are bonuses for 10+ tackles in a game and also for 3+ sacks. Obviously a guy like JJ Watt in his prime was a HUGE asset, not sure of him now over Clark given his lack of durability the past few seasons. DL is probably the most shallow roster spot but starting 3 linebackers makes me lean towards keeping both Vander Esch and Wagner as they both have a good chance to be top-10 LBs in my league. Worth mentioning that I have pick #2, 5, 20 and 23 and two more in the top half of the 3rd round thanks to some good fortune with trading and our draft lottery. I'll be done drafting my offensive position players before anyone else and have an opportunity to jump on the top IDPs earlier than normal.
  3. He was QB-3 in one of my leagues behind Dak and Lamar. It's a complicated scoring system but -10 for an INT and only +5 for a TD, 0.225 points per passing yard with 15 bonus points at 300 yards, -0.333 points per passing attempt and +0.5 per completion. He took me to the title game but I fell short. He was a great fantasy QB this year, hard to argue against that.
  4. Started Perriman over Fuller (and Hilton), not a huge reach though IMO. Winston has had a good game this half.
  5. I'm glad there is a post here addressing this issue. I made my thoughts known in the survey but it cannot hurt to mention it here too. I don't really have much to add that Tick didn't say with his post. I'm in more leagues that are using IDPs than ever and I haven't specifically sought them out. Small sample size for sure but I hope it's a trend and there are more people like us seeking IDP information.
  6. Could have gone without seeing that instant replay. You could tell his foot was pointing the wrong direction before they showed it.
  7. In a new 16-team auction league. We assign contracts to our first 8 players won during the auction (two each of 2, 3 and 4 years) and our rosters are filled with one-year players in a snake style draft. I love the format and we also have a pretty strict limit of 3-RBs. Players officially listed out can be placed on the taxi squad, but have to be reactivated by Tuesday evening unless they are out long term. I ended up cutting Conner for Jamaal Williams heading into the title game. Not a difficult decision at that point, but leading up it was a tough call keeping him. Definitely added a lot of thought into working the roster. We are going to expand to 4 next season.
  8. I need Tim Patrick to NOT do an Amari Cooper impersonation and go off. Anything less than 150 yards and 2-TDs and I'm safe. I think I'm safe.
  9. I was really on the fence about it, but Sig's suggestion of Foles in the Ask Bloom thread decided it for me.
  10. I cut Allen to pick Foles up yesterday. He got the start over Winston for me and looks like a winning decision. I had Watson in my other championship so I absolutely loved seeing that game today.
  11. Thanks in advance for the reply. Winston or Foles? -10 for INT, 5 for a TD, 15 bonus for 300+ yards Davis or Blue? PPR McKenzie, Samuel, Snead - pick one. PPR, return yardage points
  12. I have two title games I am in. 16-team auction league with 8 players on contract and an 18-team keeper. With the help of Footballguys, I typically leverage my IDPs into a significant advantage. Most owners all but ignore them. Both leagues have IDP points for passes defended making the DB pool fairly deep. I'm up for my second title in 3 years in the 18-team league, finishing 3rd last year. The 16-team league is in it's inaugural season. 18-team - Flipped Thielen, Cohen and a 3rd (late) for Kamara, Edelman and a 5th (early) after week 8. IDPs can score as much as position players in this league, needless to say I'm very happy with mine. Looking at a league record for wins, winning percentage and total points scored with 14-years of history. QB - Watson RB - Kamara, McCoy, M.Davis WR - Edelman, McKenzie TE - Ertz IDPs - Watt, Hunter, L.David, Vander Esch, Wagner, Clinton-Dix, Kazee K- Zuerlein Bench - Blue, OBJ, Samuel, Snead, A.Walker, Fairbairn, Dalton (IR) Dev - Kizer, D.Cain 16-team - Roster limits of 2-QB, 3-RB, 5-WR and a practice squad for players officially out. I dropped Conner before he was officially out to pick up Williams. My opponent had Kerryon and was going to grab him if I didn't. IDPs also strong in this league. QB - Winston (might bench for Foles) RB - DJ, Chubb, Jamaal Williams. Conner helped get me here though. WR - Diggs, Hilton TE - LaCosse. IDPs - D.Autry, Graham, L.David, Mosley, Vander Esch, T.Davis, Kazee, Slay K - Lutz. Bench - Foles, J.Brown, R. Foster, Pettis, Todd Davis, Wentz (practice), Olsen (IR)
  13. I'm in the championship of a 16-team keeper auction league. I cannot keep Conner. I'm considering cutting him to pick up Jamaal Williams. Starting to look like Conner is going to be out again as he didn't practice at all today. I've got Chubb and Johnson, Hilton and Diggs so he would be a flex. I'm not crazy am I? I'm starting to think he might sit even if he does practice again with the showing Samuel had last week, just so he's healthy for the playoffs.
  14. Looks like it was just a cramp. He went down like a sack of potatoes. I thought for sure it was an injury. He looks like a promising slot receiver and certainly doesn't look to have bad hands. Might be the same type of situation Eric Ebron had with his hands. Ebron has looked really good in Indy after getting a rep as having stone-hands in Detroit.
  15. That looked like an injury, Achilles would be my guess. edit - back on the field. I was wrong.
  16. Detroit's pass rush took some hits last week losing Ansah and Hand. I'm a Wentz/Winston owner but thinking about picking up Allen to start him myself.
  17. I love what Vender Esch has been doing especially given his limited snap count early, but I'd take Darius Leonard over him right now. Leonard already has over 100 tackles on the season and he missed a game. Sure makes me feel good that I hopped on the bandwagon early with Vander Esch though.
  18. Absolute IDP stud right here. He's all over the field and constantly finds the ball carrier. His rankings are finally showing that now too.
  19. 16-team PPR with IDPs, we keep 8 with no more than two at any single position(5off/3def). Start QRWWFFTK. 2-DL, 3-LB and 2-DB also. I am currently 16-2 with a 3-game lead in my division and for the number 1 seed. Currently, I have Watson, Dalton, Cohen, McCoy, Eckler, Davis, OBJ, Thielen, Snead, Garcon, Ertz and Zuerlein. My IDPs are Hunter, Watt, Wagner, David, Vander Esch, Clinton-Dix and Kazee. Okwara and Jarret are rostered to cover my DL byes this week. got Kamara, Edelman and an early 7th round pick for Cohen, Thielen, Ekeler and a late 2nd and late 5th.
  20. Lots of back and forth here but I got a deal done. got Kamara, Edelman and an early 7th round pick. gave Cohen, Thielen, Ekeler, late 2nd and late 5th round picks.
  21. I thought it was something in my configuration. It looks like the values are way off on some of the ROS rankings.
  22. Rivers is replacement level at QB so essentially you're trading Chubb for Mixon. I'd make that move and I'm a Chubb owner. With AJ Green out, defenses might key on the run a bit more but Mixon could also benefit with some pass targets.
  23. Bell's situation is a first for the NFL. Never before has such a high profile player sat out almost an entire season over a contract dispute. Given that information plus the fact that Bell held out the previous season nobody could foresee this happening. I'm going to to guess that not even Bell himself knew.
  24. Depends on the size of your league plus your record and standing, but Brown is consistently in the discussion for the top WR. I'd probably do that myself.
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