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  1. The pandemic has supressed utilization of health care. Don't quote me on this, but my recollection is 2020 is the first year since they've been tracking healthcare expenditures in the 60s that healthcare spending was down. Usually it's up 5+% annually, if I recall correctly. Humana recently indicated they expect the same this year: utilization declines will offset COVID costs thanks to the delta surge. Bottom line: This has been a boon for insurers. I did an analysis of preliminary individual plans. I think the average insurance premium in that market will be up 2.5%. which is relatively small. Lots of caveats there, but 20% of states will see their average premium in the individual market decline. The only reason the preliminary rates are up is because they were filed months ago, before the delta surge. Most insurers expected utilization to increase at that point. Now they don't.
  2. It automatically starts the clock. I think you can join 30 minutes early. It's pretty easy.
  3. Sure. I'm invested. DM too. Thankfully passed on Clover. And virgin. What I'm saying: I'm out on Chamath's personality. But I'm in on his companies if warranted.
  4. I fell for it...I think I saw the light when he sold all his Virgin shares to "invest in fighting climate change" Nothing he's invested in to date has been remotely close to climate change from my perspective. He can talk a good game, though.
  5. To me, just made him seen crazy. Especially juxtaposed against the stories of some of those he murdered who were pretty amazing young people, it seemed. But I can see how you would feel that way. How did you feel about the maximum sentence being 20 years for killing 77 folks? I know in practice he'll likely never get out, but was shocked to see that.
  6. First: I think the Columbus cop shooting was justified. He shot someone threatening people with a knife. The only question I have and I realize it's a hypothetical, but it was a possibility: pink girl was behind and slightly to the right of the girl with the knife. If she gets shot - and injured or killed - how do we feel? Still justified? That's the only thing that gives me pause.
  7. Speaking of semi-truthful autobiographies....I just finished Sing Backwards and Weep by Mark Lanegan. My lord, what a life. Covers his life up until around '98 or so. So many amazing stories - Lanegan was close to some of the grunge icons of the 90s. And then turned into a homeless guy selling and stealing drugs. Some of his stories about trying to score - on the Lollapalooza tour (which I saw him on) in '96 and in Europe later - were amazing. Liam Gallagher being a #####. His weird meeting with Anthony Kiedis' dad in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The stories were amazing, but I was kind of surprised at how well it was written, too. Deeply honest stuff.
  8. Is it just me, or is every second episode about the NBA MVP?
  9. This story is also sad because it sounds like he was with a 21 year old who shot up a car with that gun and then gave it to him as police were arriving. Probably because the 21 year old had a record and the kid was a juvenile. He was the fall guy.
  10. That's a tough video to watch. Cop reacted way too quickly. Kid was complying. But I can see the cop's POV. He saw the kid running with a gun. Didn't see him toss it. Had to make a split second call as he's turning towards him. Sad all around.
  11. https://chs.state.mn.us/Search/ChsSearch When I search his name and DOB on the Posobiec tweet, I get nothing. That database was Posobiec's cited source.
  12. Never said it was a good source. But even that source said nothing about him putting a gun to someone's head. That KSTP guy doesn't list his source. Posobiec pulled up his criminal record and that incident KSTP guy mentions isn't in it. There were some other marijuana charges that he owes close to $400 for.
  13. https://twitter.com/JackPosobiec/status/1381698722682273793?s=19 That's the only thing I've seen about the action behind the warrant.
  14. Potter has worked for the department for nearly 25 years and is president of the Brooklyn Center Police Officer's Association. In that role, she has represented other officers involved in deadly shootings. According to an investigation by the Hennepin County Attorney's office, Potter was one of the first officers to arrive after police shot and killed Kobe Dimock-Heisler in 2019. Investigative records show Potter advised the officers during the early stages of the investigation and was present when one officer gave his statement. Those officers were eventually cleared of any wrongdoing.
  15. There's a backlog in Minnesota according to the Brooklyn Center police chief. They are about two to three months behind processing tabs due to the pandemic, apparently. My experience didn't bear that out, though. I got mine quickly.
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