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  1. Not asking Who Do I Start. I want the expert poster opinions here like MoP. Does anyone really see him lighting it up this weekend? The whole team seems a disaster (fins fan here that follows em on forums and ignores the entire fins subreddit and the kids comments). Early game in London, what the hell is going to happen on Sunday? I honestly could see him being pulled for Brissett despite how awful Jacoby was (blame the line, the dual OCs, Flores, Ross or whatever). Just looking for an unbiased, neutral and non-dolphins fan perspective on this situation. I saw the rankings, I am a premium subscriber for 15 years now. Surprised at where he is currently ranked in the FBG avg. Please just move or delete this if this post is totally Assistant Coach material. I didn't see any Tua discussion (probably because not many play in 2qb leagues I'd guess).
  2. Wish I added Watson before this weekend. All day Mon, and Tuesday to wait and suspect the buzz about this trade is going to take off tomorrow.
  3. To me, all I can think about is biting off kneecaps whenever I see or hear him.
  4. Life long dolphins fan here and I think you nailed it. Ross is going to demand Grier make this trade for Watson happen is my belief. Too bad, Tua is such a good character too and I feel terrible for the kid. The patience is not there, and after Sunday (blame the o-line imo), can't wait another 6-8 weeks to get him back out there to see if there's been progression (more likely regression). I think they move on and give up the house for Watson soon.
  5. Need percentage of bid $ imo. Or is it standard practice to assume $100 season budget? No offense, just curious what bids were on him and it's hard to tell that without a % or your season budget.
  6. Not in mine. But we go by what CBS does by default and is stated in our rules. Such a pain with requests from owners to change position eligibility, I ain't touching that one with a ten foot pole as commish.
  7. Yeah that is messed up. Maybe announce it to the league then allow bidding on him this weekend? Tough spot man.
  8. Might be a commissioner setting, I think I saw the option to edit their position eligibility. I don't mess with that though, too much work and too much whining from year's past where RBs were listed as WRs and the junk with Taysom Hill listed as a TE at one point I believe.
  9. He sure looked like he wasn't on the same page with Tua based on this: https://youtu.be/0LQWHwTImz0 That last play with the INT looked like he has terrible hands, and almost like he should take the responsibility for the INT.
  10. He is a WR in CBS leagues, 3 targets concerns me some despite the 2tds. EDIT: 1 point PPR league
  11. Thanks for info. Ugh. Just ugh...hamstring and then this (positive news?). Are the 11 other league members geniuses and I am a moron for being happy he was still there at 5.10 a week ago?
  12. Exactly my thinking, was surprised he was still sitting there at 5.10. Had to grab him despite what Dan Campbell said about his uncertainty and it being Detroit. I think he was ranked ~RB19 in DraftDominator in my 12 team 2qb league.
  13. If in the same tier, I will look at each FBG staff members and comments in DD and their average ranking. I tend to lean towards Wood's opinion. Gut feel or my own research rarely works for me. I don't have the time with kids. But the older I get (50+yrs), the more I just want to root for my team and match it with my fantasy team. That's rookie stuff I learned NEVER TO DO the hard way around the year 2000. I think I don't care as much about winning the big $ or the prestige of my expert skill (lot's of luck imo). Sporstbook legal online betting is seriously changing the desire for myself and others in the league to care as much about FF. I mean real full Vegas style prop bets from my damn phone has changed how I and others in my league see FF.
  14. Thank you kindly for the offer, draft is over and not a big deal at this point. I am sure next year's DD will be updated and I really should have double checked that CHI DST was truly FBG's #4. If I looked at each staff member's rankings individually, the average was certainly not the 4th DST. Great service, saves me so much time and doesn't discourage me one bit from subbing again in 2022. If the help desk wants more info about this to assist with improving DD, I am happy to send screenshots. Our DST scoring isn't abnormal really, and I have just been able to import the league settings for the last few years (which is fantastic and saves even more time) without any issue of player rankings being off.
  15. Didn't want to make a new thread, but I have used DD for many years. This year, it had the Bears DST ranked 4th. I am wondering if these rankings were off, or some issue happened when syncing with my league and it somehow used 2019/2020 rankings for DST. I had no time for research and just trusted DD that it was correct fwiw. Kinda my fault for not double checking some other place before selecting them, but thought I would let others know that this happened. First issue I have ever really had with DD, makes life easier for me on draft day.
  16. My money is on Tyron Johnson tonight. Literally. Eliminated from playoffs, sure am glad sportsbooks are legal now here.
  17. I am in the same boat. Cam or Hurts in a 2qb league. Really tough call imo, I can see Cam having another horrible game tonight. I am hoping Cam sits so no decision is needed.
  18. Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but seems as good as any. Has anyone been offered deals with FBG sub + Fanduel deposit like they did in the past? Such as "deposit $20 in Fanduel and get a free paid FBG sub for 2020"? Those deals kept me subbed the last few seasons, but I am not finding any yet. Maybe they start offering those as we get closer to September 10th?
  19. My 2qb league (12 teams) I've got to roll out either Will Grier or Hodges as qb2. Not really a bold move, just desperate (thanks Cam, Stafford, Foles, Driscoll). Leaving Greg Olsen on the bench and starting Hollister.
  20. I'd replace the drama queen with a new owner in 2020. About 15 years as commish, I've found that owners that ##### about stuff like this with no valid argument are just going to keep doing it again every year, and it just gets worse every season. They hold unfounded resentment towards the commish (and the league in general) because they don't win or get what they want (whether it's a waiver claim or a rule change).
  21. Thank you. I asked last week who the best Henry cuff is and got the sense the answer was Lewis (not saying the answer was wrong, just like multiple opinions on this). Week 16 finals, but bonus for week 17. With $1 left, Blasingame seems a better choice. Any other Titans fans can confirm Blasingame would be better (in ppr) over Lewis if Henry sits? Titans would have to change game plan for short dump offs to Lewis when still in the hunt I would guess, but week 17....not sure.
  22. As a Henry owner playing the 1st round of playoffs, I think I have to spend my last $1 of faab on Dion Lewis at this point (no zero bids).
  23. I can't figure out who would be more valuable (ppr) if Henry is unable to go. Dion Lewis? Khari Blasingame? Apologies if this is more of an Assistant Coach topic.
  24. I only play in a 2qb league (12 team redraft), but the lesson I've slowly learned over the last decade has been to get an average 3rd qb soon, get 2 solid RBs and wait on WRs. Maybe this year was a fluke, but there was a lot of WRs available late and on the WW that have performed well.
  25. Ravens or Giants for the playoff matchups as others said, I paid a good chunk of faab for Ravens D this week. Seems as good a place as any to ask - who the hell is Derek Henry's handcuff? Rod Smith?
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