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  1. Sorry for laughing, but when the fantasy gods decide to screw this one guy...
  2. Holy #### if I was Team B I'd hit the accept button like it was Lorraine Mendolia on prom night. And I'm not hating on McLaurin here.
  3. Please ignore the trolls. They would like to derail the thread b/c this is a giant embarrassment for them.
  4. 1. Hockenson 2. Shenault 3. T Higgins I’ve got all three on my three teams. Two of those teams are cheap redraft work leagues, and in those leagues I typically draft players I don’t have on my $$$ dynasty team. Yet I ended up all of them, every time. So yeah, I’m planting a flag on these three, and that flag is they will be hot names by the middle of the season.
  5. With the way Baltimore’s RBs have been dropping like flies, Ty’son will probably spontaneously combust tomorrow.
  6. Le’veon Bell was an honorary WR as a bucket head one year.
  7. Buckethead WR Rule - every year we’d designate a player - usually a WR - as the bucket head. Said player should be very talented and in a great position to produce FF points, but a total screwup mentally. (Josh Gordon and Antonio Brown are prime examples.) We had a live draft, and every pick you’d put $ in the bucket, if you didn’t draft the bucket head. If you drafted the bucket head you’d get the bucket of $, but you had to start the bucket head every week, except for his bye week.
  8. Entered, and feeling pretty good about my team. Used a different strategy this year, which I shan’t divulge until it’s proven by success. Last year the “Prioritize Players with Initials” strategy, which lead to a team featuring DK, DJ, TJ, JK, KJ, and AJ was wildly successful, even though OJ and TY were underwhelming. The critics, however, were less than enthusiastic, and dismissed it as “a cheap gimmick”, and “quite frankly, stupid.”
  9. Blah blah blah.   Remember when no one called for Reagan’s impeachment despite f-ing up on a much more massive scale?
  10. Wright is 32 y.o. He was a very good player for the Seahawks for 10 seasons, but they cut him loose after his contract expired. Perryman plus a 7th round pick were traded for a 6th round pick. I’m surprised a team bus wasn’t part of the deal. I don’t expect much from either of them, with all due respect. I am interested in the Littleton/Morrow/Kwiatoski shake out, in respect to sub packages.
  11. although, if you wait till the 9th, you can probably just punt it till just before your def and kicker
  12. That said, I’m happy to see the love for shenault, as I traded away Mike Evans to make space for Shenault in a keeper league.
  13. Who the #### is TE that’s worth a 9th round pick right now? Tyler Eifert? Travis Etienne?
  14. All things being equal, except nationality, of course I value American lives over non Americans.
  15. If this was a total points on the year contest - yes. In a weekly elimination contest, take the easy money every time.
  16. Pitts, unless my worthy opponent pulls a Constanza and passes on Harris at 1.01. My keepers are loaded and young, and I’d like to keep pushing that way. Getting Pitts would allow me to package off Kittle for a prime WR upgrade (hopefully). I also had an offer out for the 1.03, as I’d thrilled to get J Williams. The 1.09 would likely be a WR prospect who would have a slim chance of making next years keeper list.
  17. I think Waddle and Smith produce well enough this year that you won’t really bottom out, and that looks like a good trade for a rebuilding team.
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