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  1. Disclaimer: No idea offhand what the suggested age range is for Ticket to Ride. The game mechanics are really simple. You collect cards of the same color to build railroad lines between cities on the map and I'm fairly certain that a first grader can pick it up. The game strategy, however, requires that you decide what rails you will need to build longer routes and will probably take a game or two before the child gets it. But get it they will and they will love it. It's currently the favorite game in my family with ages ranging from 10-74.
  2. This thread and this LINK convinced me to try Captain Sonar. Looks awesome. Also have Legendary (deck builder) and Small World (makers of Ticket to Ride) under the tree. Merry Christmas!
  3. The Bucs had some nice downfield passes but they seemed to take a long time to develop. The Browns had ZERO pass rush and Winston had plenty of time. Not so sure how that offense is going to perform when Winston is under real pressure. I will say this for Winston, he stands strong in the pocket; no hint of fear.
  4. http://cdn2.moneysavingmom.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/candy-land.jpg So all board games are dork-centered now? I think, and i could be wrong, but i think he was just trying to find a game that seemed appropriate for the intellectual level of someone who would come into a board game thread and indicate that they believe all board games are for dorks. I hate to speak for him though. I never stated that. I only clicked on the link provided, saw that most of the games involved magic, monsters, or spaceships, and asked a question. And I don't think board games are for dorks, in fact I'm looking for a good one for the family. Just one that everyone can relate to (not just dorks). Most don't include magic or monsters or spacechips. Take a look at the following: Ticket to Ride Dominion 7 Wonders (not on sale, though) Five Tribes Splendor Settlers of Catan In particular, you won't ever find Dominion any cheaper. These are solid strategy games that are good for family play. I played Ticket to Ride for the first time this weekend. Had a blast. Also a big fan of Settlers.
  5. The Cats looked good beating up on Ole Miss. They just need time. They aren't as good as some of Cal's past teams but they have the potential to be a contender.
  6. I Love Calipari! Of course, I live in Lexington and love my Cats, so I may be a tad biased.
  7. I'm apparently paying waaay too much for document review, even when using contract attorneys.
  8. C'mon Jon_mx. Hurry now. I've got a date tonight.
  9. Hey jon_mx. Thanks for joining the thread. I see you are the only remaining friend to Unlucky on the board. Hmmmm.
  10. Just out of curiosity, has anyone confirmed that this POS is not the Phenoms guys? What a freaking loser!
  11. Hi Folks, This is accurate. We considered way back in 2003 expanding Footballguys and getting into the league management area and talked to Mike about it. We decided not to do it as we felt it just wasn't a market we wanted to get in. Partly because we felt the market was already being extremely well served by both the sites like MFL and also the super tough free competition from the big sites that were doing league management. I don't recall exactly what kind of web / tech ability Mike had. But developing our league management software wasn't in the plans. And as I remember, Mike really didn't play much into the decision not to do the leagues. It was that the market was already being served and we felt our time / effort would be better spent on developing the content we were already doing with Footballguys. So he went forward with doing his Phenom leagues as everyone knows. I'm super bummed to see it play out like this. Sucks so hard. J You better keep this front and center. I just received a letter today about the bankruptcy and this is the first thing that came across my mind.
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