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  1. I appreciate how these things are always flashing lights, as if they want to comply with our FAA regulations. Thanks guys, very considerate.
  2. What's shocking is The Drudge Report doesn't have it above his "PFIZER CAN'T STOP SAFRICA STRAIN" headline, all caps, in bold red font. Sites love those clicks
  3. Have you tried reaching out to Rec Teq? They have great support for issues like this. I'd be shocked if they didn't work with you to fix it. Are you using their pellets? Yep, lots of people online mentioned how good Rec Teq support is for taking care of issues. I noticed with my bullseye that when the pellets don't light up right away that it ends up overheating at first. I imagine the auger just keeps pouring pellets in and there is a surplus relative to what is needed to reach a certain temp. I just give it a little more time to cool off and find the temp I wanted. Al
  4. Finally going to the dentist, and barber. Didn't wear a mask while visiting with my family who are also all fully vaccinated. I've been having virtual visits with my doctor for a year, I think I'll go to the office for the next one. It's been pretty nice. I'm still not going to bars, and I would probably only go out to eat in an outdoor setting. Not going to a movie any time soon, maybe a couple things like that are still on hold.
  5. I don't think that MI residents are suddenly behaving a whole bunch dumber than WI residents, for example. They are probably mostly acting the same but at different levels of community immunity and different levels of variant in their area. MI had the lowest caseload in the Midwest prior to this. Lots of people who aren't immune there, and with more transmissible variants, behavior that they could get away with before now results in getting covid.
  6. Right. I have been buying the whole get the first vaccine available because the trials were done at different times and the variants weren't around back when Pfizer/Moderna were testing, but it's getting harder to justify when Pfizer just released they are 91% effective against the SA variant, where J&J was only something like 57% effective on that variant. Yes, I get it that it was still 100% good in preventing death and hospitalization from covid, maybe that's a good enough outcome and we should all accept that. I don't know....just saying I think it's fair to reevaluate now that in h
  7. The whole multiple different vaccines thing is being tested by some of these companies to see if that increases effectiveness. AstraZeneca is being tested with adding Sputnik V. But that is a controlled trial done by researchers. It's not something that people should try on their own authority. I mean really people, did that need to be said? Seems so obviously dangerous to roll your own.
  8. They should open it up to everyone at this point. Every state should. We are about to have pallets of unused vaccine waiting for folks to sign up. Already there are about 37 million unused doses in the pipeline and it's just going to go up from there. Pfizer/Moderna have shipped 180mil of that 210 mil by the end of March goal. Obviously they aren't going to reach that, but they are close. btw- WI has been top notch as far as getting doses into arms. They totally fumbled the first 6 weeks, and were near the bottom 5 in the whole country, but since then WI has been top 3 every week i
  9. Watched it yesterday, as most are saying, it was much better than the theater cut. I didn't know the original release was a mashup of competing studio exec's and director's visions. It makes sense why it sucked so much now. What a mess they created.
  10. I found some info. Unfortunately, I think the answer is nobody knows until those trials have run their course, but some info hints that vaccines are not useless for blood cancer patients even when the antibodies don't show up. My own optimism comes from how all the vaccines seem to prevent hospitalization and death, we know some of those folks testing the vaccine had HIV (J&J specifically in South Africa) and other immune compromised situations as well. Info on the clinical trial: https://cllsociety.org/2021/02/trials-studying-the-safety-and-immune-response-of-chronic-lymphocyt
  11. The vaccines are not 100% effective. They are awesome, way beyond our expectations in effectiveness, but not 100%. They may not work well in folks with immune system issues - like leukemia and others. They are not sterilizing either. Some people are going to fall into that 5% or worse for the non-moderna/pfizer vaccines. Also, some people flat out cannot get the vaccines due to allergies or other reasons. It would be awesome if most who can get the vaccine will get it to help protect those who can't. As far as your friend's dad, I have read similar regarding the antibodies f
  12. Moderna and Pfizer promised 210 mil doses by the end of March. I don't think they will hit that 210 mark (currently just shy of 150mil) , but they are getting close and the speed of delivery has been increasing. CDC site shows 35 million doses shipped but unused. That is an amazing surplus that we have right now and it's only going to grow. States should be opening up sooner than later. Sorry for those of you waiting around for your turn due to state inaction.
  13. As a GB fan, I was hoping the Pack would save that cap space to try and keep Linsley. Having spent a high pick on this guy, and now throwing a bunch of coin at a 26 year old RB is, well, not smart cap management. There's a reason teams don't tie up a bunch of money in 26 year old RBs. Is there any position as replaceable as RB? That money should have been used to make a real run at JJ Watt a couple weeks ago, or to keep stud center Corey Linsley. Don't get me wrong, I really like Jones and I think he's is a better RB than Dillon. I just don't value this position as one my team shou
  14. Right, and every single state uses less than 100% of the shots they have. Some more so than others. I'd guess the officials planned for some vaccine grift and aren't particularly bothered by it. We're going to have so much more supply than demand very soon anyway.
  15. I really hate to see so many of you being shut out due to which state you live in. WI is opening up to high risk at the end of this month and it includes practically everyone. BMI >25 is one, and my 19 year old son makes the list at 6'3" 205 pounds. He's got a 33 in waist and no one would ever say he's over weight, he's just 19 with a decent, muscular, 19 year old build. Also seems like women get screwed on the BMI ratings. The charts I was looking take gender into account. Is that right? I got a shot this week due to my job, not due to my defective immune system. What I hav
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