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  1. I got this guy back in 2016 when he was still considered a top 15 for dynasty purposes. What a roster clogger. Happy to see the thread title change. The few times a year this thread bubbled up to the top was just a frustrating reminder of what should have been. Now I see this thread and think oh yeah, who is in the WW that I should drop this guy for.
  2. Shanny hates Sermon so much he punked his usual game plan.
  3. Rodgers has a recent history of not overcoming a defense that can get to him. The interesting thing is that usually coincides with an utter meltdown by the Packers on defense. It's almost like when Rodgers struggles the defense says: "Hey, don't expect us to win this thing" I think saying he quits is putting it in the harshest light possible. That's not what I'd call it, but yeah if SF gets consistent pressure on him and their offense gets up a few scores I would not expect Rodgers to bring them back...at least based on recent history.
  4. Yeah I agree with ChiefD, something about the crowd behavior feels unseemly for golf. These are Europeans, not Russians or North Koreans or Vikings fans.
  5. A girl threatened with charges or jail over her COVID social media posts has won a lawsuit against the sheriff In other government response news, the 16 year old girl who was told she'd go to jail if she didn't take down a post where she claimed she had gotten and beaten Covid19 won her free speech lawsuit. I forgot about this story, it was truly surreal. For those who can't view the story(might be pay walled): A high school girl comes back sick from spring break March 2020 in Florida. She tests negative, but her doctors say she probably had it, and the test was just a false negative. She posts her ordeal on Instagram, claiming she had beaten Covid and everyone should stay safe. Local officials fear this will cause a panic because at this time it was very early on in the pandemic and no one in the county had a confirmed case yet. So they send out communications basically saying the girl is full of crap and they are dealing with it. The sheriff shows up at her door and demands she take down the post or face jail time for causing panic or some such crap. What a crazy story. People often misunderstand what is an actual 1st amendment violation. This is what they look like.
  6. GB defense looks like a slow moving train wreck. If this guy can shake the cob webs out he's got a real chance to showcase himself this weekend. I don't really understand how he looked like the heir apparent up until the week 1 scratch, assuming it's not lack of talent. Coaches sometimes just dislike a guy for reasons that never get fully explained, but in the end if the dude ends up producing, it will all be forgotten. He's got an opportunity here to put the rough start aside, but if the head injury is lingering...it would just be another bad break for this kid. Chances don't come up over and over again. Players need to seize it when they do.
  7. Same here. Been watching this stuff for months. Also, that Sanotize product which is not a vaccine, has some nice results elsewhere. "It's like bleach for your nose" 🙂 That's actually why I think this one might be treated like a red headed step child. CDC isn't having this one. Other countries are allowing that one no prob. https://www.newsweek.com/nasal-spray-company-pushes-cdc-fda-accept-its-claims-help-treat-covid-1627712
  8. I friend of mine worked in Victim's assistance for the county. About 35 years ago there was a murder of a 13 year old girl nearby. The cops interviewed the father for 6 hours and she said by the end of it, they had him so twisted in knots that he said "I don't know, maybe I did it." He in fact did not do it. It was a serial killer who was just passing through. Luckily the cops did not arrest and charge the father. Your kid get murdered and they try to pin it on you, yeah that's about the worst day ever. That always stuck with me. Seems like a good idea to lawyer up.
  9. I'm all set now. Walgreens was set up and accepting patients for the booster today. Now, a couple of points about the booster process: 1. The recommendation is to get a 3rd dose of whichever of Pfizer/Moderna vaccine you originally received. They asked which I already had and that's what they give me. 2. My doctor had supplied a letter noting the applicable condition. They didn't look at it. It's self report - on you honor. 3. t's looking like the booster will be ready for anyone 8 months post original vaccine as soon as next month. I wish it were a little sooner. Those first responders and heath care workers are still working with covid patients every day.
  10. PSA for immunocompromised: https://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2021/s0813-additional-mRNA-mrna-dose.html As it turns out I had an appointment with my doctor this morning and he said I should get the booster asap, as I fall into one of the groups for which it's now approved. I checked with my local Walgreens and their systems can't process the booster yet but it should be ready in a day or 2. So if you or a loved one qualifies, the booster is literally right around the corner, like this week.
  11. Solly's in Milwaukee is really good. I used to work near there and got the burger for lunch a bunch of times. I don't recall thinking this is the best in the state, but it was very good. Haven't been there in 15 years though. I should go back and see.
  12. Suns were a really good team that just ran into a dude who would not be stopped. That happens. Congrats Bucks! Giannis earned this. So good to see.
  13. The only thing Rodgers does better than football is hold grudges. The guy won't even talk to his own family. Who does that? He's not playing for GB again. If the Packers press the issue and force him back, he will be a toxic presence. Part of what makes him great is his self motivation through perceived slights is on a Jordan level. See: The Last Dance. He can't just turn that off now. It's what drives him. Pretty sure he thinks he should be the guy with 7 rings by now and it's only because the stupid organization mismanaged things that he doesn't Maybe he's right.
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