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  1. #154 - Another Time, Another Place (1980) Highest Rank - 94 Lowest Rank - 163 Where to Find it - Boy LP Vulture.com ranking and comment - 87/218 - One of the undersung numbers from Boy, this track is a complete thought, a fully formed composition, with all four band members performing at an equal level: Bono’s voice soars, full of promise, while Edge, Larry, and Adam mesh together like puzzle pieces. It’s wistful and innocent, earnest and heartfelt. In later interviews, Bono kind of shrugs this one off, but it’s a perfect tale of youthful lust and longing to be alone together. Comment - Album filler. Interesting that three of us had it ranked in the meh territory between 155-163, while one of us had it closer to the Vulture ranking Next up, another single. This time a cover, with assistance. Thats three singles now. This one surprises me. Least of all cause its in my top 50. Two others had it in the low 200s though, so will be curious to hear what they don’t like it
  2. #155 Don’t Take your guns to Town Highest Rank - 102 Lowest Rank - 182 Where to Find it - B Side to Elevation Vulture.com ranking and comment - Not ranked Comment - An interesting choice of Covers, with Johnny Cash getting the treatment here. Bono singing understated is always more fun for me. Hows this? I love the vocals here. Surprising that I have this the highest, while the ranker who loves the covers has it lowest. Next up, we haven’t been to Boy for awhile, lets go there..
  3. #156 Get on Your Boots (2009) Highest Rank - 43 Lowest Rank - 228 Where to Find it - No Line on the Horizon LP Vulture.com ranking and comment - 144/218 - There are fun bits and interesting sequences, but just because you compare something to “Subterranean Homesick Blues” does not make it so. There was an interesting sonic dynamic in the studio version — the compression on Bono’s voice — that you could not duplicate in a stadium. Every other member of the band was in lockstep, but there was no room to breathe for the lead singer. Clearly, someone felt like they needed a big noisy rocker à la “Vertigo” or “Elevation,” but there is a reason “Boots” hasn’t been heard from since the 360° tour, while the others are constants in the set list. Comment - 50 yo guys trying to sound hip. Fantastic. I was so looking forward to new U2 material after How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb and they release this? To say it was a gut punch would be an understatement. I’d rather be waterboarded with Landlady for a week than have to listen to this one more time. I’m trying to remember another massive disappointment musically from an artist and cannot think of one that comes close. I mean it has the genesis of a good track, but my god. What a horror show. I wish I had two more hands so I could give this four thumbs down. Next up, back to the B Side covers
  4. Yeah, would love to maybe get your top 10 leftovers. I have a feeling its like the bsides though. For every 1 good track, there is maybe 6-10 not so great ones. A lot of the deluxe versions have songs in various stages of development, which can be interesing. Always, which we havent seen yet is an example of Beautiful day in another guise.
  5. I have praised Bono plenty, with loads to come. A prime reason why i dont like some of U2s songs to date, is the vocals. Like I said its a secondary focus for me. It’s not as important for you. Fair enough. I ask you to hold in check. I do have at least one more song at least where the vocals irritate me, but it will a rarer and rarer thing. My number #222 song. We won’t see it until the top 100. Two of my top 50 are already gone. I loved them, but others viewed it differently. So be it. As a precursor to the next song, my #228. I do not mention Bono once...directly. The song, the attitude...yes. Amazingly we still have 6 songs that are ranked in the 220s by three of us in total. One of us has had them all purged. Plenty in the 200s still to come as well, all the way up until #74. We will be seeing bottom third songs from at least one of us until #35
  6. I thought this could come up. Be fair. We are still in the bottom third of U2 songs, with most of the ones talking about Bonos vocals being in my bottom fifth. As I have the comments basically written, Bono gets plenty of praise as we move on. He simply makes some songs better when be is focused and held in check. Or simply when a song is right in his strike zone and he smashes it out of the park. I could name 10 songs, off the top of my head where this is the case, but will save it for when they come up. I still have several bottom 30 songs still to come and still will when we hit the top 100, we all do. Bono detracting from a song will still come up, but the focus will change to praise soon enough. I rarely if ever, question the other 3 cause they are tight. I don’t like some production. I am not a Bono basher, I have a lot of respect for him as a person, activist and performer. That said, like all artists we are familiar with, they miss the mark occasionally. It happens.
  7. #157 A Room at the Heartbreak Hotel (1988) Highest Rank - 98 Lowest Rank - 180 Where to Find it - Angel of Harlem B Side Vulture.com ranking and comment - 45/218 - The Edge called it “gospel meets Suicide,” which pretty much sums it up: It is both uplifting and terrifying. One of the better Elvis-themed U2 songs, it still doesn’t quite meet the mark, despite the backing vocals, horn refrain, and Link Wray-esque reverberating guitar, all in service of name-checking the mystery train. You have to wonder what this could have been had they tried to take it up a notch. Comment - Boring Rattle and Hum reject. Just a straight ahead rocker. Just does nothing for me. Next up, we get to the final song ranked at 228 by one of us. And its mine. Thankfully another ranker has it in their bottom 6, but it does appear in the top 50 for one of us. No idea how, but opinions vary.
  8. #158 Jesus Christ (1988) Highest Rank - 61 Lowest Rank - 188 Where to Find it - Woody Guthrie: Folkways A Vision shared Vulture.com ranking and comment - Not ranked Comment - Bono doesnt have the chops to do this justice. Musically it works well. Just needs a better vocalist Next up, we have another B Side
  9. #159 Lights of Home (2017) Highest Rank - 88 Lowest Rank - 202 Where to Find it - Songs of Experience LP Vulture.com ranking and comment - Not Ranked Comment - Tries to be better than it is. This probably fits on No Line on the Horizon lol. I’m surprised we haven’t seen more of that album.....yet Next up, back to the special LPs
  10. C’mon. I know you want to say more. Would you rank it 228? Interesting. I’m music first, and with rare exception for u2 it’s quality. Second to me is the singing. Last is always the lyrics for me. Any song, not just U2. Whatever is between singing and last place, is ahead of lyrics. They could be singing old macdonald had a farm and i wouldnt notice. Once i read about or bother to understand the lyrics, my perception of some songs eg Mothers of the Disappeared vastly improves.
  11. Pick a fight with someone else dude. We all know the agenda you are seeking. Be honest about it. As for the 1 in 150, next time I will be more specific like. “0 per cent for under 4s, less than 0.1 per cent for people under 40, 0.36 per cent if 50 to 54, 2.17 if 70 to 74, 5 per cent if 80 to 84 and 16 per cent for those over 90.” Then i would have to separate into pre-existing conditions and “healthy”. Then i would have to subdivide into a thousand other categories. I’m fine with the 1 in 100/1 in 150 as a dataset. Otherwise we have to break it down to an individual level, which just makes it confusing.
  12. We can approach reading things that may or may not be true in two ways. Run around screaming hysterically or we can use logic and fact to help us. Is it possible vaccines caused this guys blood clots? Yes. Is it also possible that blood clots happened anyway? Yes. Blood clots occur more in the general population than what the covid vaccines cause. He is blaming the vaccine cause thats easy to do. Even if the vaccine did cause it, sorry bud the maths is incredibly unlucky. Still would you rather take 1 in 100/150 of dying from covid or 1 in 200000/1000000 of getting blood clots from a vaccine that you will more than likely survive
  13. The admin to Date with 69 songs listed B-Sides = 30 (10 covers) Soundtracks/Special LPs - 7 Songs of Experience = 6 October = 5 Zooropa - 4 Songs of Innocence - 3 How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb - 3 No Line On The Horizon = 3 Pop - 2 War - 2 The Unforgettable Fire - 1 Boy - 1 All that you can’t leave behind - 1 Rattle and Hum - 1 We have yet to see anything from the The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby and im going to stop saying that, cause its awhile until we do.
  14. @Ghost Riderover to you 160 - American Soul (2017) Highest Rank - 81 Lowest Rank - 190 Where to Find it - Songs of Experience LP Vulture.com ranking and comment - Not ranked Comment - This is the kind of song that shows U2’s ambitions. This is meant to be anthemic and it almost works. U2 have one or two of these an album that i just dont enjoy. My gut feel is they ere writing for the advertising dollars rather than to make a good song. Next up, we have another one from Songs of Experience
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