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  1. How hard is it for people not to dance or at least tip toe on a mans grave or become holier than thou on the other side and chastize other posters relentlessly? Anyone want to post a good memory of the deceased? Is it that difficult to do?
  2. I responded to you in another thread with a detailed response and didnt get a reply, so I thought it fruitless to engage further. I will take this request here in good faith and respond here. A simple request first though. Can you please not post so much when you start a thread? Maybe you are comfortable with that style, but its almost impossible to read, digest and understand it all. I would recommend you state your topic, introduce the topic in one or 2 posts with the most vital points you want to make and leave the rest for further discussion once readers are engaged and interest
  3. Looks like we have a choice of trying to discuss content with these guys or Gekko? Gekko is sort of like John Nash (Russell Crowe) in A beautiful mind. There is a sharp mind at work, but impossible to engage with. I mean who is reading that world salad over 6 lengthy posts, let alone digesting it and considering a response. Yet soon enough, there will be another new thread going over something else in the exact same manner. I mean most of the replies are about the poster and not the content. Thats a failure in being able to deliver a message. Left wing posters want to have the
  4. Your point is a legitimate point. My guess is they reassess the goal as they have more information. Once thy have been in office more than 24 hours. it also must be noted that getting to lets say 50 million relatively quickly shouldnt be difficult. The issues and numbers become more tricky in getting the under 60s vaccinated, all the anti- anything people, all the children etc. Having the vaccines in the right place doesnt mean people will take them. What will be the number eventually vaccinated? Id hazard a guess that a 40% take up will be a big win. Its not enough. Would they be wi
  5. Why do people continue to give trolls the attention they desperately crave?
  6. Just out of curiosity, how long does it take you to put together a thread? Seems like a lot of work. Several of us would be interested in debate and discussion, but the current formatting makes it nigh on impossible. When we do respond and try and flesh out discussion, it goes nowhere. If you want discussion, engage the reader. If you just want a soap box, then at least let us know that is your preferred style.
  7. Pfffft, as if mixing two doses of hydrogen to one dose of oxygen makes a wet substance. What are these called covalent bonds? Its all a conspiracy by scientists. What exactly are we drinking? It isnt what weve been led to believe by so called experts That kind of thing?
  8. Thats an interesting take or 2. I have no idea why I put “Socialism for Dummies”. All the cool kids were getting fun things there, so thats what i came up with. I am socially and economically liberal, but more in the Scandanavian way. I have no time for brutal regimes and communism which do the opposite of providing for the “workers” if the Chinese communist regime fell, i would rejoice. I do not want them to be deciding global rules and stepping into the breach to be the global leader. The world would be a much poorer and less humane place. The chinese people are lovely in my e
  9. The Chinese system right now is an advantage in dealing with their plans. The US is torn with internal strife and can’t even agree on whether water is wet.
  10. I’m not an economist, but more people equals more economic growth. Advancements in AI only do so much. At some stage 1.4 billion people have an significant advantage, in numerous ways over 320 million. Working smarter wont happen and in fact China are well on the way to doing that themselves Yes. China’s influence is purely because of kids toys. 🤡 Read up on Chinas technological advancements. They are coming hard and fast and the next big technological advancement is likely to come from there. China is buying influence in Africa and Asia. At some stage some nations in these
  11. One of the downsides of the infighting between Democrats and Republicans is the lack of vision at the global future.. Meanwhile China has invested in over 70 countries around the world with its belt and road initiative. These countries need the economic investment and in return China gains global influence and sinks its claws into these countries by gaining their dependence with debt. They have a concrete plan over the next 30 years to not only be the dominant economic superpower in the world, but global moral compass and influencer. Frightened yet? India is on track to not be f
  12. I agree...sort of. Poverty, in all races needs to be addressed. Poor and working class black people have way more in common with poor and working class white people. Their common enemy is the political and richer classes, who seek to divide and conquer. Its much easier for the political class to divide these groups up so that the power remains in the right hands. Trump played the perfect hand at embracing these voters, despite his clear disdain and obvious hatred of them. He needed them and they needed to hear a voice that was listening. The people chose the wrong voice, but at leas
  13. Seriously? the topic is a good talking point, but the sheer volume of posting makes it impossible to digest. Have a thought for the reader. Save some stuff for talking points after some readers are engaged. You are not a dummy. Intelligence comes through, but either post a blog or let others be involved in discussion.
  14. Dude.... Rule number 1 of presenting information. Be concise Rule number 2. Be interesting. Rule number 3. Engage the viewer/reader 1/14 - 14:47 PST
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