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  1. One of the downsides of the infighting between Democrats and Republicans is the lack of vision at the global future.. Meanwhile China has invested in over 70 countries around the world with its belt and road initiative. These countries need the economic investment and in return China gains global influence and sinks its claws into these countries by gaining their dependence with debt. They have a concrete plan over the next 30 years to not only be the dominant economic superpower in the world, but global moral compass and influencer. Frightened yet? India is on track to not be f
  2. I agree...sort of. Poverty, in all races needs to be addressed. Poor and working class black people have way more in common with poor and working class white people. Their common enemy is the political and richer classes, who seek to divide and conquer. Its much easier for the political class to divide these groups up so that the power remains in the right hands. Trump played the perfect hand at embracing these voters, despite his clear disdain and obvious hatred of them. He needed them and they needed to hear a voice that was listening. The people chose the wrong voice, but at leas
  3. Seriously? the topic is a good talking point, but the sheer volume of posting makes it impossible to digest. Have a thought for the reader. Save some stuff for talking points after some readers are engaged. You are not a dummy. Intelligence comes through, but either post a blog or let others be involved in discussion.
  4. Dude.... Rule number 1 of presenting information. Be concise Rule number 2. Be interesting. Rule number 3. Engage the viewer/reader 1/14 - 14:47 PST
  5. Everytime i see a post by gordongekko it takes me a long time to get to the next post. Is that a new software glitch?
  6. It’s very difficult to discuss anything when you ramp everything up to 10. No nuance, no sublety, no allowance for other perspectives. This is the perfect example. Maybe a small fraction of democrats are like this, but most are reasonable. A high percentage of democrats are white christian males. Are they self loathing? Possibly. “Aborts babies” but supporting the death penalty or vice versa is a whole discussion/argument point. Many democrats are anti-abortion, many republicans are pro-choice. Abolish guns? No sane person can advocate this. Restrict yes, better backg
  7. If this quote from McConnell is true, well that is disappointing
  8. I hope this @ was for the Pistols and not ELO lol I like ELO and feel they are unfairly derided. Jeff Lynne was a master of ripping off the Beatles, catchy pop songs, but since when is that a bad thing?
  9. Technically Australia had eradicated corona. Thing is Australia lets returned citizens and residents, and anyone else from overseas who is prepared to spend 14 days in quarantine. When that happens, people arriving test positive and there is always the chance it escapes from quarantine. Like this outbreak and all the other ones since May. Todays numbers FYI, 8 in NSW. 7 in the northern beaches and one which is of further concern..One. Thats from 44000+ tests. Victoria broke its 54 day streak with a resident returning from the Northern Beaches of Sydney. They isolated immediately upo
  10. Just to update you as you seem so interested. NSW just released updated figures, 15 today. All northern beaches people. So their numbers for the last 5 days are 3, 15, 23, 30 and 15. Before that there were 34 days of no community spread. Victoria the most affected state peaked at 723 per day in July. They have now had 50 days in a row without community transmission. The 3rd most populous state, Queensland has not had community outbreak of more than 5 a day since May. Only 6 deaths in the whole state this year. The left wing premier was expected to be trounced at the ballot, bu
  11. Australia has had months of little to no community spread and even then it was confined to one state. By and large Australians are running around doing the right thing, sport was and is still happening with crowds. Christmas shopping, the economy, restaurants are all doing great. Yesterday there were 30, not 300, 3000, 30000 or even 300000 cases, confined to the northern beaches of Sydney. That area is locked down, while the potential spread is dealt with. People are wearing masks. Contact tracing is putting people into quarantine. People are behaving responsibly while the governmen
  12. Maybe Im a soft touch with taiwanese women, but she is the only cabinet member to survive all 8 years under George W Bush. To top that off she made it through all 4 years of Trump and most of all she has stayed married to Mitch McConnell for 27 years. She must play the game well and have a spine of steel with the intellect to match.
  13. Just look at the recent Blade Runner post about the “Biden Crime family”. He got suspended, but it was rescinded. My gut feeling is that Joe feels that a lot of Blade Runners posts have some substance behind them and he wants to encourage that. That post was over the line on the left if someone says “Trump crime family”. Some dang fine left wing posters like saintsindome or sinn fein have suspensions for months over a snarky post or maybe even less. You feel some right wing posters have been unfairly singled out Im sure, but as Joe says every side feels the same way. Its a no win. It doe
  14. Joe, Your thought process and intent is incredibly admirable. You want to foster and encourage positive, well intentioned discussion between both sides. IMHO you have bent over backwards to accomodate and encourage pro trump people to express themselves and articulate their thoughts. You have let things posted from their perspective that would get people on the left whacked, purely to encourage them to feel they are being heard. As much of what is posted by a select few is entirely discouraging, they have a voice that needs to be heard. Several pro trump posters have since posted some we
  15. In a sign that Democrats have had enough of the “legal” attempts by Republicans to overturn the election, Rep Bill Pascrell of New Jersey wants to see if it is “legal” to bar 126 Republicans from the House of Representatives under the 14th amendment. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/11/us/politics/as-two-thirds-of-house-republicans-support-the-texas-election-suit-a-democrat-called-them-traitors.html Somehow I don’t think this is the best way to achieve Healing and moving forward. This isn’t overly helpful, but how many cheeks can the Democrats turn before they say enough is enough?
  16. This thread is incredibly disheartening. Every liberal has rightly jumped on Newsom, yet its never enough. We get people voting for Democrats that are way more brutal on even the most minor of slights committed by Democrats, let alone major issues, yet they turn a blind eye to the most egregious acts by Republicans in an effort to appear fair and balanced. Is it that hard to see the act and not which party did the act? Truth and reconciliation can only begin when ALL bad actions are admitted and everyone makes an effort to be better. Until then we don’t have a level playing fie
  17. My biggest fears of a Biden Presidency: 1) He dies in Office. For numerous reasons. 2) He loses the House in 2022. Right wing media/commentators are going to be brutal on him. What else is new. It would be nice if we had a President that had the respect of both sides. I honestly don’t think we’ve had that since GHW Bush
  18. That’s a good one, but he sold out the Kurds and Palestinians in the process. This is hard....I'm trying, Ringo. I'm trying real hard I agree. The one thing China, Russia etc like is predictability from a western democracy. An unpredictable figure like Trump could have reset all kinds of relationships, got better deals, sorted out NAFTA, improved NATO and international relationships. Instead he messed up the Iran deal, cozied up to dictators and generally made the wrong move at almost every step. I'm trying, Ringo. I'm trying real hard I’m really not sure how much c
  19. New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern was returned with a massive swing of over 12% for her left wing government. Her go hard and go early lockdown measures were among the toughest in the world and highly successful. In a proportional representational government she holds well over half the seats in her own right, with the Greens also holding a high percentage. The right wing National party lost heavily. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/jacinda-ardern-new-zealand-prime-minister-wins-second-term-in-election-landslide/
  20. Excellent movie. Right up there with the best in the series. Not sure how they are going to flesh out Black Panther for an entire movie without adding another avenger or 2, but it was a good introduction here. Ant-Man and Spider Man were great in this. After advertising itself as Civil war, its obvious that there are sides and they will fight each other. When they do it is kinda anti-climactic, but the real fight is near the end and it is brutal. Doesn't have Hulk or Thor, but pretty much every other Avenger is here, If forced to rank where we are at after 13 of these
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