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  1. I think his real value is extremely low also, but, within this particular wide receiver corp his potential value is very high. I think a low 4th/5th round pick/player is what they might anticipate in return in a best case scenario. Most teams would likely offer less if there was interest at all. Playing the probabilities with what that might net, I don't see any reason to sell that low. If he's playing 20 to 30 snaps per game, he's worth more than that to the team over the next season and a half.
  2. If Bryant is truly going to put his nose to the grindstone and just work to improve and play the role he is given as he indicated, there isn't a pick/player they will realistically get back that would equate to his value. Big if there,and obviously the driving force behind Tomlins lack of commitment to his role going forward. With JuJu, AB, and Bryant that's about as perfectly complimentary group of receivers as you could ask for. 3 guys that can play outside and in the slot interchangeably and beat you over the top on any given route combination from any of those three spots is a r
  3. Bruce Smith reborn. Currently the most dominant player at any position in the league bar none.
  4. Intelligent, articulate poster.

    1. tone1oc


      Thanks for the kind words treat, looking forward to more FF debate.

  5. Great poster. Understands the game and articulates his points very well.

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