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  1. Looking at this http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/injured-reserve/ they seem to be more or less in the middle for this year.
  2. Oline should be fine if Long can be out there. If not the pass protection looks to be a weakness. Running game should be very good which could help Mitch a lot.
  3. Observations from watching the game live. Offensive Line is good at run blocking but not pass blocking. Run game looks good. Cohen will be a force. Defense is going to be good even very good but needs to avoid blown coverage. Glennon was awful in the first half, good in the second. If he plays like the first half we will see Mitch soon. If he plays like the second half Bears will win a good number of games.
  4. Any signing on either line is always good. We definitely needed help stopping the run (and pass too) so this fills a need. The optimistic side of me thinks Glennon will be better than the Cutler/Hoyer/Barkley combo from last year and Trubisky can develop into his draft position in a year or two. While we probably didn't add much immediate help through the draft, better health and the free agent signings will help blown late games and we will be looking at 6 -7 wins with some players developing so we will be competing for division titles within two or three years. I think Jackson can
  5. I think we have five home games we should or at least could be favored in: Vikings, Panthers, Lions, 49ers and Browns Road games which I think are winnable: Saints, Bengals, Eagles, Lions, Vikings We won't win all of those but 5 or so with one surprise win is not unbelievable.
  6. Cam Newton started 14 not counting Juco. Matt Cassel never started and only had 33 attempts in college. Not sure if Cassel is a success but those are the only two I could find with some quick looking.
  7. At first I was thinking they gave up too much but if you believe the draft value chart and consider next years third equivalent to this years fourth which I think is how they look at it the Bears came out ahead. Even if you treat next years three like this years it is fairly close. My main problem was I preferred Watson to Trubisky. After lots of beers and some sleep I've moved beyond not liking it to hoping they are right that Trubisky will be better than Watson. If we can get something good with the 2nd, and there is still lots of good talent, and any depth with later picks it coul
  8. Hoping they go defense with the first pick preferably Allen or Thomas but would be ok with a db since we do need them so badly. A qb would be ok too and I would prefer Watson. I think there is a reasonable chance Kizer might slip to the second and would be good taking him there. If he is gone I'm also intrigued by Peterman as a day two pick.
  9. You are right that most of these guys are doing rankings for money. Another explanation for the drop though could be that they are all very closely ranked and things like the combine, pro-days, private interviews and workouts could bump him down three spots but that is not necessarily a huge drop.
  10. You are entitled to your opinion but it makes perfect sense to have Sanchez mentor a 3rd string QB who could be starting when Glennon's contract expires or sooner if he earns it.
  11. I think the defense at the top of the draft is too good to pass on. Bears need a QB but also can use help at all levels of the defense. I don't think they are one draft away from being a true contender so a QB day two or next year isn't a bad thing IMO. I do think with a good draft, staying healthy and Glennon being at least as good as Cutler they have a good shot at 8-8 and a shot at a wild card. I also believe that several players we already have may improve. Alshon leaving hurts but if White can stay healthy and can perform anywhere near where he was drafted the receivers are solid. Th
  12. After reading this and thinking about it a bit Pace's best move is to get rid of Fox after next year. This year would have been better but too late for that now. I still think Pace will be good for the Bears but it sounds like he was handcuffed to the point that the best players consider every other place better than coming to Chicago. I have some hope for Glennon to be a good signing. I liked him his rookie year and thought he would develop into a good starter. I'm often wrong about these things though. For the draft I'm hoping we go defense early and a quarterback by the end o
  13. Looking at the grades on NFl.com, which I know isn't necessarily a definitive guide, I really think they need to focus on defense in this draft. Would love to see a defensive player at 3 then a QB who slips or they just like in the 2nd or 3rd. We need to improve the OL with tackles and some depth but there doesn't seem to be much available this year. Although I'm never opposed to linemen on either side I just don't want to see them reach for one when there is good defensive talent available. If they can focus on D this year maybe next year will allow for a good Offensive Lineman or two.
  14. I agree 14 or so million is the price to pay for Jeffery. I know we have a lot of cap space. Anyone think there is any chance we could get Jeffery and Robert Woods. I like Woods a lot but only as a number two. Haven't heard what he might be going for. It is possibly too much for receivers in free agency but if they did that and got a good defensive player it would allow them to focus on defense and QB in the draft plus a TE if one is available at a good spot. Now that I've typed that it seems like wishful thinking that we can sign that many good free agents but this is the best
  15. I was hoping for Allen too. I haven't been too excited about the Quarterbacks but if they have one they really like I'm fine taking them third but would really rather they wait. I guess one of the top Safeties either Hooker or Allen would be good. God knows we need defensive backs badly. Overall I really hope they mostly go Best Player. We aren't that strong anywhere that we can afford to pass on true talent.
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