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  1. I turned on the Canadiens game to watch the end and they turned the puck over trying to slap it out of their zone that really reminded me of peak 2021 Blues and then gave up a goal. The thing that got Julien fired was “having a great offseason” and having a hot start. Those will sink the head coach of any average team.
  2. The Blues haven’t scored a 5 on 3 goal since like 2016 (in the regular season). It’s something like 23 straight minutes. This has nothing to do with what you said, I just find it amazing. And god they suck.
  3. What happened to the Predators? In the Cup finals a few years ago, and every move Poile made was the greatest signing/trade ever. Now everybody is on the trading block? Ouch. Hopefully he does better on these trades.
  4. Hopefully the rest of the West did a better job against COVID these past two weeks than the Blues did against ‘Zona.
  5. I stopped following football a few years ago and so when the news finally arrived at my door that F and L had passed away I came here immediately to look for a thread. Glad I found it. His dynasty stuff probably (my opinion) inspired the popularity of dynasty leagues more than anything else around here. His thread was legendary. It always cracked me up that once he started hitting the big time as a journalist he was always a little snarky about giving fantasy advice considering the background he came from, but I think he was right. (Sorry fantasy friends). Flags Fly Forever Rest
  6. Steen’s retirement isn’t shocking. We all thought he would probably be on LTIR this season which is what will happen. Still, sad times. The Blues kept their team together after the cup win, but one season later they’ve lost their C and a couple As (Pietro, Steen, Bouwmeester). Steen was an important player for this era of Blues hockey that eventually led to a Cup. He will be missed.
  7. It’s about time someone makes a new thread. Tampa guys? I hope the Blues end up in the Central. it would be more fun to have some East teams in the division for a year.
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