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  1. The Blues beat Colorado last night, but not before getting bailed out from blowing a 4-1 lead by a questionable goal kicking call. I can tell this team is going to be garbage again. 13 million invested in a Faulk/Krug pairing that gets caved in on defense and can’t get out of the zone… and for like 6 more years too. Won a cup with giants on defense and dismantled it overnight.
  2. Yotes left Hutton in for 8 to start the year huh? That’s what you call setting a tone.
  3. What do you guys think of the jersey the Blues will wear in the Winter Classic? They now have similar home and away jerseys of their 60s look and I am all for them going to it full time. https://www.nhl.com/blues/news/blues-reveal-2022-nhl-winter-classic-jersey/c-326114576
  4. I was really looking forward to cheering Florida on this season then they went and signed Joe Thornton. Stupid.
  5. Ryan Reaves traded for a 3rd. Reminds me of the time we traded him and a 2nd for a 1st and Sundqvist. That worked out.
  6. The Blues are gonna nab M Tkachuk next year. You heard it here first
  7. I wouldn’t be surprised if I end being glad we didn’t make that deal. I actually already am. That said, I wish they would have signed him during the negotiation period so we could keep Dunn.
  8. The whole not making any side deals just baffles me. I guess not everything is getting reported but it seems like Francis pulled demands out of thin air without any assessment of actual value and then was unwilling to negotiate. And then instead of taking a player with some value sometimes just drafted junk because… I don’t know. What’s weird is how screwed I feel like the Blues got on this whole draft losing Dunn and then having Seattle throw all their cap space at Schwartz. We actually escaped Vegas pretty clean, but we got bent over this time.
  9. Well, he could have selected a player from Washington that was traded yesterday for 2 2nds. Instead he took a goalie which he traded back to Washington for 1 2nd. The results speak for themselves.
  10. Feel like the Blues made a good trade today and Chicago handing out that Seth Jones contract is a cherry on top.
  11. That is a lot of dead cap for 3 seasons. Brasky, are you going to suit up for free for them?
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