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  1. Doesn't this game have some pay to play system where you can only play like one scenario per day with your warband for free?
  2. Hard West is a good Indie title if you like X-Com /Fallout 1-2 style battling and Western settings
  3. No. Bran realized that he wouldn't be able to Warg out of Hodor and escape because Hodor would no longer hold the door closed. He imprinted Hodor with that singular purpose in the past to enable his own escape.
  4. Way early in the thread I made a similar observation. Can't connect the dots on why Ned would have kept him a secret though.
  5. They would actually be a perfect match for the Dothraki since they fight int phalanx formations with spearks/pikes. That's pretty much what you want against light cavalry. The same advantage wouldn't necessarily translate to heavy cavalry or foot soldiers.
  6. Yeah - that's a pretty ridiculous thing to say. The entire Northern and Western part of the island is rain forest and cliffs/mountains and for 9.5 months of the year is wet, windy and cold
  7. Have not time these days so have been playing FTL so that I can count on being killed at every moment and walking away from the computer in frustration. Ordered Overwatch but likely will not be on playing until Sunday/Monday ish
  8. If this came across at all like something that was contrived late to close off a loose end I *might* agree with you. The fact that this was always the design and that it made for a powerful and poignant moment for the characters and the implication of it maybe shows that this isn't the show/books for you?
  9. They didn't alter the events as we witnessed them. There may be other quantum universes where other things happen but we are seeing a single threaded universe where those things did/will happen. Given the three-eyed raven's reaction either it's never happened before or there are bad things that can happen from it. Regardless, it's not common or easy and unlikely to be overused. In fact, the way it was used, in that one small but significant moment speaks more to the brilliance of the writing.
  10. Believe it was just a key. They already knew where the old guy was. Just couldn't penetrate the magic of the place.
  11. Right. White Walkers commanded them to kill everything they see so they chased Bran & co. down the corridor. . White Walkers were back in the main chamber so provided Bran gets out of site, the WWs will do wander around a bit aimlessly in the immediate area but not venture too far or have much ability to find them other than dumb luck.
  12. Zombies don't think. They kill. They see things to kill, they chase things to kill. This really isn't that difficult.
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