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  1. Made Hawaii much more enjoyable. Chocolates were individually wrapped and I threw them into a big ziplock with a bunch of other candy and snacks. Even the liquids like the Zoots stuff can go through security because it's typically less than 3 oz. Just put it in a travel bottle.
  2. Is he in some addiction program and he's coming clean to everybody?
  3. I've flown with edibles several times without issue. Always keep them in my carry on
  4. There's a new thread on Page 1 called "Tool Organizer". I assume it went in there.
  5. Buy your whiskey at the duty free at the airport in the US. That way you don't have to put it in your luggage and you don't have to pay taxes on it.
  6. Works better if you say "It's Spring and I just got a lap dance from Jasmine at Willie T's. Now I smell like floral perfume"
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