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  1. Intended to get a lot done this weekend and then made the fatal mistake of firing up CIV5 (Huge World, Marathon time) Saturday morning. By Sunday night it was the dawn of the twentieth century and I was fighting tooth and nail for world dominance with Holland and Persia... Oops.
  2. Out of my ### prediction: Either Dany or the slavers will kill Tyrion. That's the big fan-crusher of the season.
  3. As we learned on the last episode, the history told is not always the history that happened.
  4. This isn't just a small religious force. if they go after the Sparrow and his people, there would be a full fledged revolt among the people.
  5. Made Hawaii much more enjoyable. Chocolates were individually wrapped and I threw them into a big ziplock with a bunch of other candy and snacks. Even the liquids like the Zoots stuff can go through security because it's typically less than 3 oz. Just put it in a travel bottle.
  6. Is he in some addiction program and he's coming clean to everybody?
  7. I've flown with edibles several times without issue. Always keep them in my carry on
  8. Cersei is saying that she did'n' list to Jaime's advice. Melisandre is saying that she always knew she was lying and that he was right in calling Bull#### on her. Again, pretty fundamentally different but likely intentionally similar - which is good writing, not lazy writing.
  9. He's saying #### the gods because he's asking her to help, not asking them. That's significantly different than Jaime saying we're the only people that matter.
  10. You are the only one who thinks these things. There are no parallels between these characters as you are trying to state.
  11. I think it's likely that the parallels between the two scenes were entirely intentional and good, not lazy, writing. In one case, you have the religious overtones filled with political machinations and in the other, you have an actual religious miracle. I also think you're incredibly wrong on reading the characters. Cersei hasn't given up by any means and I hardly get a #### everyone vibe from Davos.
  12. Ironborn have ships. Danaerys now needs ships. That might be where that is going.
  13. This is like The Sopranos all over again. Unless two major characters get whacked, another one comes back from the dead, there's a great scene by Tyrion, some cool special effects with a giant then I'm just not interested. This is how crap likes TWD gets made. Everybody complains about character building and positioning future story arcs so instead they get lazy story telling and bad writing pushing stories forward with minimal time investment.
  14. For this use case the Fires is absolutely worth it. Very easy to live in the Amazon environment but clunky or downright impossible to get full tablet versatility out of it. Since you are looking for the former, go for it. The one caveat would be that if you want mobile data for your tablet, then the Ipad Mini 2 is probably the way to go.
  15. Got pulled back into playing Blood Bowl (original chaos/legend not II which is a joke). Such a fun game. Any FBGs play? Would be fun to do a league or tourney.
  16. Not a fan of nitpicking either but there's quite a big difference between the two.
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