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  1. There's a new thread on Page 1 called "Tool Organizer". I assume it went in there.
  2. So, jdoggy, I would consider this a stupid question but seeing as how you just saw The Sting, have you seen, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid?
  3. The only flaw in this movie was the awful casting choice for Loretta, the hag that Redford somehow falls for
  4. Buy your whiskey at the duty free at the airport in the US. That way you don't have to put it in your luggage and you don't have to pay taxes on it.
  5. The nightmare scenes in Max Payne disqualify it from being a top 5 game. I loved those games as well but that was one of the most out of place, ill thought out things I've ever seen in a good game.
  6. Works better if you say "It's Spring and I just got a lap dance from Jasmine at Willie T's. Now I smell like floral perfume"
  7. Dollar Yos are fun and you always press at least once. Saw someone hit 3 in a row, pressing twice, once. Sure it's long odds but Craps is also about having fun riding the variance in a manageable way
  8. Deadpool - Good stuff. Enjoyed it a bunch more than the typical superhero fare these days in no small part because if its ability to make fun of itself and those movies. The villians were a bit uneven and their powers not well explained and I didn't understand why in an R rate movie we got implied bare breast instead of actual bare breast, but whatever. 3.75/5
  9. Were you flying Delta? I saw that it suddenly appeared in their featured movie list where they normally put new releases.
  10. Dove into Metal Gear V: Phantom Pain yesterday. That first 1-2 hours is PAINFUL and everything I've not liked about that franchise in the past. Finally into the open gameplay (I think). It needs to capture me pretty quickly because at the moment I just feel like I wasted a couple of hours.
  11. Rewatched The Martian on the plane. Liked it a bit more but there are some parts that really annoyed me. Off the top of my head:
  12. Recommend Smash Burger Kitchen while you're there. Food truck turned brick and mortar recently so you likely haven't had it in previous visits Their signature burger with brie and habanero jam is pretty damn delicious.
  13. There's no way they switch every month. It's been the one with the two sailors saying "aye", the ageing bubble gum chewer, the mini city on the tray, the smoking magician and the "reviews" of the safety card since at least October.
  14. thank god they have a new one. I've seen that other one somewhere around 60 times
  15. No Man's Sky feels like it might be another Spore or Black & White. Innovative concepts that get hyped to hell but fall flat in terms of gameplay
  16. It will vary by zip and region but overall that method tracks on par or better than UPS and Fedex on 2nd Day.
  17. Likely not the USPS' fault. When Amazon uses the USPS they are delivering it into your local post office. There's very little from that point on that the USPS can do to screw it up. The delays are occurring upstream of USPS. Also, that method of delivery typically out performs UPS and FedEx on 2-day shipments.
  18. Looks like what was probably an out of stock issue on one of the titles.
  19. Your packages are moving through Amazon's own logistics network, not USPS. Chester is the location of an Amazon Sort center. Essentially the tracking is saying it's still there and hasn't been handed to USPS yet, which will occur at your local post office and be delivered that day. Prime doesn't move delivery promise once the promise is made. It's possible you ordered after the original promise you saw expired. Something seems strange if it now says it may take up to the 9th. It could have been an out of stock issue but if that were the case, you would have been sent some type of notification.
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