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  1. I'm on a second play-through upping the difficulty. I'm going after magnetic weapons early as your early weapons are way too underpowered. In 1 your early weapons could deal with early enemies. In 2, you definitely start underpowered. Also built the Guerrila Tactics school early. Squad size, training rookies into a chosen class and Wet Work are all keys for the early game IMO.
  2. Star Wars has made it to American Airlines so caught it last week for a second time, this time on the small screen. Still good. Still kept my attention. Some of the wink wink moments don't play as well on repeated watch as they are meant for people excited to see a SW movie for the first time in a long time.
  3. I'll likely never watch Hateful Eight again. I feel like there's nothing left there for me. Similar for Creed. Almost any other Rocky movie except V, I get sucked in to watching again -TNT, or whoever has been doing the marathons recently, has been playing me like a fiddle. I likely won't watch Creed again.
  4. Creed - Meh. #6 out of 7 in the franchise. Didn't care about the character and the fight scenes were just not good. 2/5 Hateful Eight - Love Tarantino and can appreciate how this one was shot and the incredibly rich back stories of all the characters but the movie itself was pretty slow and I didn't feel the suspense the way he brought it in Inglorious Bastards, which is what he was trying to do, I think. I also think that he thought by creating deep back stories for everyone he was adding depth to the film but it didn't come across. 2.5/5
  5. I think that's one of the big differences. Zero emotion in the Martian short of Michael Bay style rah rah emotion.
  6. Humble Bundle right now has a bunch of Star Wars games including Xwing vs Tie Fighter and Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2 as well as other. Older games but some great classics in there for $10
  7. Just finished my first playthrough. As with past versions, you reach an inflection point where the endgame becomes a walk in the park. Even the last mission, which was challenging, didn't result in me having to reload a single time and I didn't lose any soldiers. This endgame does feel exactly like the last one as well which was a bummer. Give me something original in there. Anyway, I liked the game but would have liked to see some more "new" mixed in. It's the same game with a few tweaks - XCOM 1.5 rather than 2.0, IMO. I also would like to see them provide mission replays. Make a cinematic, flowing, replay of the mission I just did and let me upload it. Let me watch other people's amazing missions where they have that one sole survivor who beats the odds. Seems like a pretty big miss from a marketing and social media standpoint.
  8. Joke was much funnier the way Tre told it. Thxgb. No one scoffed at street fighting. I was referring to reuaseable grocery bags...are they free? I dunno, seemed funny though. My wife uses them as she's one of those "love the planet" weirdos. I don't think they were free, but knowing her, she didn't pay more than a few dollars for them. She doesn't love the fact that I insist on as many plastic bags as the store will give me, but then I have to remind her those little garbage cans in the bathrooms? They aren't being lined with her "SAVE MOTHER EARTH" hippy bags. In the city of Seattle, they do not have plastic bags and you have to pay for paper bags.
  9. I've been posting in the XCOM thread but I've been playing the new XCOM2. They definitely took the difficulty up a notch on normal levels, which has always been a hallmark of the classic XCOM series. I love this style of strategic turn based game play. I would buy pretty much any game that employed it. Executing a successful ambush at the beginning of a mission is a real thing of beauty.
  10. Jobs - I enjoyed it. Although some complain about it I liked how they used the framework of the product launches to move the various relationship elements of the story along. Of course, all that stuff didn't happen backstage before launches, stupid people. 3/5 Our Brand is Crisis - I was surprised by this one. Really solid. A bit preachy at the end but it's a true(ish) story. 3.5/5 Black Mass - meh. Same move done a dozen times over now. Good performance by Depp as always but this was really not memorable as a whole. 2.5/5
  11. No - the Vipers. When they first appear they tell you that it's the Thin Men without the disguise.
  12. Wow. This could be a game killer for me. If I want to play an RTS game, I will. But that certainly isn't what I look for in XCOM. The actual turns aren't timed. You just get a limited amount of turns to complete the objective. Liking it so far but having a lot of "oh well, that's xcom" moments. The guys with the cattle prods are the bane of my existence so far. Their running range is absurd Not the new "thin men"?
  13. OK - into some non-timed missions now. Definitely a higher proportion of them in this. Rangers are awesome. Basically Ninjas.
  14. Early impressions on XCOM 2: - The colors seem over saturated and cartoony. XCOM had a darker feel to the graphics. I'm not liking what they have done here. - Gameplay on "normal" is MUCH more difficult than in XCOM. This is a good thing and is more true to the original. - So far every mission I've done has been timed. Don't like that. I like to be careful and strategic and it makes me behave more recklessly than my typical game play. I'm sure this is intentional but so far not a fan. - I like the concealment aspect quite a bit
  15. Re-watched The Producers (the original one) last night. Such a funny movie.
  16. I'm in. Too many bad decisions recently.
  17. WTF is wrong with you people? Ninja - gonna need more details on the showering. What do you wear? What do they wear? Are they young Thai nurses or battle axes? Do they giggle?
  18. Depends on what you want your accessibility to be. I keep most of my firearms in my garage in a locked safe, the empty magazines in a locked cabinet and my ammo in yet another. I keep a condition 3 (loaded, no round in the chamber) handgun in a 4 button combination safe in my bedroom which I don't ever have any intention, and hope I never have to, use.
  19. I would think that after the penny throwing at Best Buy you would have eschewed brick and mortar a long time ago for the superior experience of Amazon Prime.
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